Duale Narrates Why The “Deep State” Didn’t Want Uhuru-Ruto Government In 2013 And 2017

Deep State

The presidential race of 2022 will be tough and one that will be heavily contested. Several candidates have already declared their intentions to run for the presidency. They include DP Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Alfred Mutua, and even Raila.

DP Ruto has proved to be more ambitions to reach state house, but his election may not be a walk in the park.

Uhuru and Ruto formed their first government in 2013, at a time when the case at the ICC in Hague. The first term of Kenyatta’s government was progressive and performed extremely well. Kenyans recall their slogan ”Kusema na Kutenda”

The Deep State procured Chinese loans to bring Uhuru’s government down. The power brokers borrowed loans to get kick-backs. Therefore, the country is now regretting having huge public debts.

Duale also said that the ICC narrative was a political issue as the “Deep State” did not want Uhuru and Ruto in office. Local operatives worked with foreigners against Uhuru and his running mate Ruto.

In 2017 elections the same Deep State were against the the re-election of the two and this forced the nullification of the presidential results by the Supreme Court. There was a level of manipulation of the Judiciary.

Duale also believes that Uhuru and Ruto will reconcile and redeem the glory they had.

But who are the “Deep State”? If not Uhuru , not Ruto and maybe not Raila who then?

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