Dedan Kimathi’s daughter Released after Spending a Night at Rumuruti Police Cell.

Dedan Kimathi’s daughter Released

Veteran freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi’s daughter, last-born Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi has been finally released after spending a night at the Rumuruti police station in Laikipia.

According to Evelyn, she had been arrested for flouting the COVID- 19 regulations by staying out past curfew hours.

I was arrested for flouting Covid-19 rules as I was found outside 40 minutes past curfew time. I was rushing back home while trying to beat the deadline. The police detained me after we had a little disagreement. I am okay and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it,” she said while speaking to journalists who had arrived at the station.

She had been arrested at the Thome area where she had gone to inspect a 12,000-acre piece of land that the Dedan Kimathi Foundation was planning to purchase to settle identified Mau Mau veterans.

The foundation was formed to fight for the rights of neglected Mau Mau veterans, some of who, are living in abject poverty.

“I made it my role to do what others had stayed away from. These people may be old but inside them lies a great heart embodied in the Mau Mau spirit,” said Wanjugu, a renowned philanthropist.

Just a month ago, the foundation had settled more than 30 of the Mau Mau veterans on a ten acres piece of land. She, however, mentioned that a section of politicians has been derailing her efforts.

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