BREAKING ‘Dead’ Man Screams For Help at Kericho, Kapkatet Mortuary Hospital

Kapkatet Mortuary

Kericho, Kapkatet Mortuary Hospital: Negligence by doctors has become rampant in the country. Doctors cases operating different people or parts of the body than the required party has been experienced in this country for a number of times.

However, Kenyans on social pages have continued to condemn this act of negligence by doctors. Mixed reactions have erupted online after recently there was a delivery woman who’s the case was a drunk doctor had operated her halfway at the longish hospital and later she was rushed to Tenwek hospital for collection.

Yesterday we were talking of another case of Kapkatet Mortuary hospital in Kericho where panic has raided a family whose kin screamed for help at Kapkatet mortuary.

Kapkatet Mortuary
Kapkatet Mortuary

Tge ‘dead’man who screamed is said to have fainted at his home,where family members decided to rush him to the nearest hospital for medication.On arrival doctors announced the man was dead even without checking patient, only to discover later that he was alive.

“Denno langastar went on his Facebook to condemn what happened to his Uncle yesterday at Kapkatet district hospital, nurses and COs must be Keen at their work.

My uncle fainted at home and was rushed to Kapkatet hospital, on arrival, they pronounced him dead even without checking his condition. Immediately they took him to the Kapkatet Mortuary for body preservation and in the process of putting preservation of his body my uncle came into consciousness and screamed a lot after experiencing pain in his right leg.

Kapkatet Mortuary
Kapkatet Mortuary

As you understand when someone dies preservatives are placed through a section by professionals. It was saddening news but we thank God.

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My uncle is in stable condition and admitted nursing a wound being cut by a mortuary attendant in the process of adding preservatives. I wish him a quick recovery.”Denis said

Thanks for reading this article, feel much blessed by the Almighty.

Kindly share it widely and don’t forget to stay safe sanitize, wear a mask, and also maintain social distance.

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