DCI Rescues Two Minors Who We’re Stolen In Nairobi, Arrests A Suspect At Busia Border.

DCI Rescues Two Minors

DCI Rescues Two Minors Who We’re Stolen In Nairobi, Arrests A Suspect At Busia Border.

The directorate of criminal investigations has finally rescued two minors who were stolen in Nairobi on the 5th of December and they have also arrested one suspect who was found at the Busia border.

According to the DCI, the children are aged 8 and 4 years old and before they got stolen, they had been left in the custody of their 32 years old house help called Scovia Namataka who has now been arrested and is under lawful custody of the police.

The DCI further stated that the children were found together with the suspect in a bus that was headed to Kampala Uganda, and this as a result of a well-coordinated effort between the Busia detectives and the Buruburu detectives.

It’s said that the children got lost when their parents had gone to attend a burial in Meru.

The case’s of children getting lost have always been rampant and the DCI is always on the radar to help get the children.

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