DCI Kinoti Takes Us Step by Step On Kenei Murder, Was Stage Managed || CCTV Video.


Director Directorate of Criminal investigations George Kinoti has given step by step description of how sergeant Kipyegon Kenei who was attached to DP Ruto’s office was murdered.

Speaking at a media briefing Kinoti described how Kenei’s killers then attempted to cover up the murder in order to make it look like it was suicide.

According to Kinoti the bullet that killed Kenei was shot from the chin and came up through the head only to hit the back of the wall instead of the roof.

“When the body was examined, the bullet was shot from the head and it was expected that if he was standing therefore the bullet would have exited from the roof then automatically because of the standing position and the weight, he could have fallen on the bed,” narrated Kinoti.


Kinoti further stated that the stage management of Kenei’s death might have started a long time ago.

The other theory Kinoti is giving on the stage management of Kenei’s death is how Kenei’s house which had no chair or a stool was neatly spread for a person who had entered the house, removed his shoes and socks and was dressed in pajamas.

“This is a man who entered his house, removed his clothes and changed into his pajamas, his bed was neatly spread showing absolutely no signs disturbance” added Kinoti.

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