CS Magoha Makes New Announcement on Reopening Dates For All Schools, Angry Kenyans Reacts.

Bad News To Students and Parents Concerning 2021 School Reopening

CS Magoha: It’s about five months since the Government decided to close all learning institutions after the virus Knocked in Kenya on March 13th. President Kenyatta made major announcement giving Students few days to reunite with their Parents

In order to adapt to the New World, the Government rolled up e-learning, Televised Lessons for Students in primary and secondary schools. On the other hand, some Universities embraced Technology by launching online classes and subsequently Online Exams. It has been a milestone

However ,those deep in the village could not benefit much due to poor internet connection and lack of resources to access e-learning.

Currently some of the Learning institutions are being used as quarantine and isolation centres. The govt is considering suspending boarding schools as students might fail to adhere to social distancing directives posing high risk especially in Dormitories

In order to adhere to 1.5M social distancing directives The govt urged stakeholders to limit classroom capacity to 15 -20 learners.

CS Magoha had hinted out the phased reopening of Schools from January Next Year. However, he has taken a new twist starting that the dates and plans on reopening of schools will be decided by President Kenyatta.

“More than 100,000 schools remain closed across the country, but the decision to reopen them lies with President Uhuru, he is the one to decide whether he can take the risk,” CS Magoha said.

His statements have caused fury from Kenyans who demand him to take up his roles and decide on the fate of reopening. He maintains that the safety of teachers and learners is paramount. He was speaking after he went to inspect the level of preparedness at Siaya Institute of Technology

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Here are Reactions from Kenyans

Emmanuel Sirengo

What are you talking about CS Magoha, what was the aim of coming up with that committee that postponed the school learning, it seems you are all confused and don’t really know what to do, teenagers are being impregnated every day better wangerudi shule

Generale Gerry

Its nolonger how the Corona curve will be in the country?… So the decision is with the president Uhuru Kenyatta, this country has😭😭😭 sunk

Duke of Bunyore

So Uhuru Kenyatta is also Education CS Magoha? I guess he only can decide when Corona will stop.

Hansen Kipeno

Why was a committee set up in the first place? The CS Magoha is not doing his job right. He should advise the president on when, how, and in what conditions will school safely reopen to children. But the moment, he is reduced to the president errand guy, that’s when CS Magoha’s role diminishes.

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