In Bugoma a Cow Give Birth to a Calf With a Human-Like Face.

Calf With a Human-Like Face

Residents of Nandemu in Bungoma County were on the morning of Tuesday, November 09, left in shock after a cow gave birth to a Calf With a Human-Like Face.

According to witnesses, the cow has been in good health during the nine months pregnancy period.

However, things went astray on the dawn of Tuesday, November 09, when the owner of the cow woke up and found the cow had delivered a unique creature resembling a baby boy.

“We have never seen such before. This is our first ever event to happen in our village,” an eye witness told Opera News.

The move has since raised sharp reactions from neighbouring homes.

A section of the residents who spoke to Nairobi mini Bloggers claimed the bizarre incidence might be linked to superstitions.

However, others allege that the animal might have been served by a man whose identity is yet to be established.

According to the owner of the cow, he is still in a great bewilderment saying he does not know what happened to his lovely animal which has been producing tesn of litres of milk.

It is alleged that the owner whose identity has been withheld has instructed the new creatur to be burried immediately.

Cases of animals giving birth to new ones resembling human beings have been there since time in memorial.

In May, 2020, a cow in Homabay county gave birth to an offspring with a human like head.

In September, Tharaka nithi goat also gave birth to a human like ‘baby girl’.

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