Adapting to COVID-19: “I Bought Eggs From A Bmw, Onions From A Mercedes, Milk From A Prado.”


COVID- 19 is here with us. Those who will be alive tomorrow are the few who will swallow their pride today. So last week I drive past Windsor hotel, a beautiful place, I saw cars turned into a complete market.

I decided to entertain myself ( am a people person). I decided to buy it for the sleekest cars. A BMW X3 was a good place to start, here I bought onions packed in a Kasuku, they were emptied into one of my rear carpets.

This lady is an IT technician, I engaged her quite a bit, a holder of a Computer Science degree and a masters in some science field..a consultant who is very well-traveled. But with COVID- 19, she can’t fly. She has a mortgage and a car loan to pay.

Her BMW is now her shop…The Mercedes guy who sold me eggs is an advocate of the high court. His kids will not eat pride. Courts are not operating as they should. The Prado guy is a real estate guy. A holder of a land economics degree from UON.

All three guys above have something in common. They are professionals who have accepted that these are extraordinary times. They decided to change with changing times. To lead the way in showing that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

They have faced times head-on. Before we feel so important and exhibit useless pride, I invite you to read about JEFF BEZOS, OPRAH WINFREY, AND the founder of KFC.

Please delete the numbers of all the friends who have told you that ” unachoma picha” …Anyone who thinks that your present hustle is ” beneath standard” and does not pay your Bill’s. Lose that pal. Today, the IT professional above, the Lawyer and land economist are on a road.

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Not only are they selling, but they are also giving out their business cards with tomorrow in mind. They all met me, a lawyer, mediator, and motivational speaker, we even spoke of future possible engagements.

Please dust yourself on this day. Swallow some pride, leave the house, hustle like a dropout.

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