Former PS Lilian Omollo Awarded KSH1 for Unfair Dismissal

Lilian Omollo

Judge Stephen Radido ruled that Ms. Lilian Omollo be compensated Ksh.1 saying she is entitled to the protections assured public officers under the Constitution.

The Labour and Employment Court has awarded former Principal Secretary Lilian Omollo one shilling over the nature of her removal from office.

Terming her termination as violation of her right to due process,

“The petitioner is awarded a nominal Kshs 1/- (Kshs ONE) for the violation of her right to due process,” he ruled.

Judge Radido ruled that she was not subjected to due process, nor was she given reasons for the removal from
office under the hand of the President.

“The Respondents did not exhibit any such decision under the hand of the President,” reads the judgment saying that each party will bear its own costs.

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