Doctors Might Go Back To The Streets As Council Of Governors Makes A U-Turn

Council Of Governors

After calling off the strike, doctors might go back to the streets as the council of governors rejected their return-to-work formula that contains the doctor’s demands. The grievances were aimed at improving the working conditions for doctors.

The council of governors has rejected the demands claiming that the agreement signed by the doctors while calling off their strike, contains monetary issues that are not factored in the county budget.

This Move by the council of governors my trigger doctors to go back to the road and this will make many Kenyans suffer. Kenyans continue to hope that the doctor’s demands are implemented by the county and the national government.

“Governors rejected the return-to-work formula for the doctors saying issues raised in the deal have huge monetary implications not factored in the budget.” reported the nation.

The problems between the health care workers will continue unless the health sector is returned to the national government like the teachers. Otherwise, Kenyans will continue to suffer at the hands of greedy and corrupt governors.

What is your opinion on claims brought by the council of governors?

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