KEMSA, Covid-19 Billionaires: The 13 Companies that Illegally Received Millions from KEMSA

KEMSA Covid-19 Billionaires

At the onset of Covid-19, Kenya received a collective amount totaling about 225 billion. These were received from the International Monetary Funds(78 Billion), the World Bank (108 Billion), and the European Union (7.5 Billion) with an aim to help control the spread of Covid-19.

Barely three months after the donations, KEMSA awarded unlawful contracts that would later be unmasked by EACC

According to a report tabled on the National Assembly Investment Committee, by KEMSA, several companies reaped well from this scandal. Surprisingly, most of them were new companies, that had barely stayed for a month.

KEMSA Covid-19 Billionaires
KEMSA Covid-19 Billionaires

Some of the companies were said to have not even been registered. Below is a list of the companies and owners. How much they received and the malicious activities behind their contracts.

1. Shop n Buy Limited

This is a company owned by one Mr. James Kipketer Chululey. What’s more disturbing, the company was registered on 14th February 2020, a few week prior to the first case of Covid-19 in Kenya.

The young Company went ahead to receive a tender of 970 million(one of the highest) to supply PPE kits each at 9000 Kenya shillings and KN95 masks each at 700 Kenya Shillings.

From the information, it’s quite evident that the company director was and is a close ally to one or more of the government officials at KEMSA and who had an idea that the donors could give funds to help fight Covid-19.

2. Wallabis Venture Limited

According to registrar of companies, Wallabis is a company owned collectively by Ms Catherine Wanjiku Ndung’u and James Njenga Ndung’u. The company Received a lucrative tender worth 90 Million Kenya shillings to supply 10,000 Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs). A very hiked price.

3. Ziwala Limited

This is a company owned by Ms. Samantha Ngina Muthama and Janet Nduta Kinyua. Of course, the name Ngina would give citizens a news perception, but let’s ignore that.

The company received a tender worth 84 million Kenya Shillings to supply KN95 masks at 700 Kenya Shillings each, a price more than three times the current market price. Surprisingly from the same shop, KN95 masks are currently going for 200 bobs.

KEMSA Covid-19 Billionaires
KEMSA Covid-19 Billionaires

4. Light Up Africa

This is also another young Company that reaped hugely from KEMSA. The company owned by Emma Wanjiku Maina and Martha Wanjiru Thuku received a tender worth 25 million to supply 50,000/500 ml sanitizers.

5. Nanoplay

Owned by Mr. Ahmed Rahim Mohamud Mohammed. The company received a tender worth 35million Kenya Shillings to supply 50000 pieces of KN95 masks at 700 shilling each.

6. Bell Industries

Mr Titus Kirea Ibui and Mercy Karambu Ngeera, the owners of Bell Industries, received a tender worth 135 million to supply Personal Protection Equipments and infrared thermometers.

As I had stated in the introduction, some companies were not registered, so we have not been able to unmask owners. We’ll share immediately we do. Other companies that played major roles in the scandal that we have not been able to figure out owners include:

Medlife Biological Ltd, Komtel Kenya Ltd, Regal Freighters, Northlink GSC Ltd, Meraky Healthcare, Everywhere Distributors, and La Migueh Holdings Ltd.

From the information, you’ll realise that most of the companies were registered after the donors has pledged their intention to wire funds that could help control the spread of the deadly virus.

KEMSA Covid-19 Billionaires

This makes it clear that the directors of these companies are people close to top government officials, especially those in the Health Department and National Treasury.

We’ll keep on updating you on the fate of justice in this shameless laundry. Share and leave your comments in this.

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