‘Close Schools’ Kenyans Tell Magoha as a Covid 19 Takes One Principal.

Covid 19 Takes One Principal.

An alarm has been raised about the safety of students as the case toll rises. It’s with the sad news that Tononoka’s high school principal died after contacting the novel coronavirus. The reports were confirmed by his deputy principal.

Tononoka high school was among the first schools to report a covid case and it was later closed, since the partial opening of schools by the ministry of education a number of schools have reported Corona cases among the students and staff members. They include star sea-girls high school, Kamusinga boys, Tononoka high and St Augustine have reported cases each.

However, this has raised fear among parents and students about their safety in schools. Ministry of health and education have urged Kenyans to stop panicking and they remain calm as measures have been put in place to ensure learners are safe.

Such measures include the provision of sanitizers to learners, hand washing, wearing masks, avoiding the sharing of clothes and social distance maintenance are only a few measures put in place in the containment of viruses in schools.

Kenyans have erupted on the internet as they urge George Magoha to close schools, as Covid19 ravages live on a daily basis.

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