Bishop Wanjiru: These Are 10 Church Recommendations to BBI Task Force.


In their report, they listed a number of recommendations to the BBI Taskforce. Some of our recommendations which were elaborated by Bishop Wanjiru Include:
1. The Government should provide decent and quality lives for all Kenyans without favor.

2. Politicians to stop using BBI platforms to sow seeds of discord among Kenyans

3. On governance, the church proposes an inclusive political leadership. There should be No mixed cabinet. All Cabinet secretaries to be appointed from MPs.


4. Youth to be released from the stigma of HELB. They should not be listed in CRB, they argued that some of these listed youths are completely unemployed with no source of income.

5. The rights of the unborn must be protected, There is no window for abortion whatsoever, the government should never think of legalizing abortion as proposed by some MPS

6. We do not want LGBTQ agenda enacted in our constitution. They were very clear on the LGBTQ issue which they condemned.


7. Nobody should stop the preaching of the gospel. Anybody willing to preach the gospel should be allowed as it is enshrined in Kenyan Constitution 2010.

8. The separation of the church and state should be maintained. The church should remain autonomous. They should work on self-regulation in consultation with the AG to address any concerns that may have been raised by the general public.

Currently, they are registered under the Societies Act but now we strongly recommend legislation of code of ethics and self-regulation to anchor all church matters.

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9. On matters of finance, we reiterate that church offerings are sacredly paid by church members who have already paid their taxes.

They recommend that they be treated as such and any concerns about church finances should be addressed by the self-regulation that they are working on. Therefore article 99C of the Original BBI report should be deleted from the report.


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