Little Known Chris Kirubi’s Daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi’s age, background, occupation, personality, and more…

Chris Kirubi's Daughter Mary-Anne

However, one distinct part of the billionaire’s Chris Kirubi story that very few people are familiar with is the story of his daughter, Mary-Ann Musangi, who has successfully managed to stay off the limelight.


Ann was born in 1971.she is 49 years and a Kenyan Nationality.


She was born in Circa to Mr Chris kirubi and Mrs kirubi. Her parents divorced. Holds a bachelor of Arts in international business administration and a master of science in management from the University of surrey in the UK.


She owns Secret Garden, a continental restaurant along 14- Riverside Drive, Nairobi and also set up another one, Olpul,  at Two Rivers Mall.

During the interview, she revealed that she had dreams of expanding her brand internationally, especially after hosting some foreign guests who appreciated her work.

Chris Kirubi's Daughter Mary-Anne

“I want my business to thrive. I don’t want to have only two restaurants. I would like to have a chain of restaurants. I would like to open Olpul in London because of the quality of the brand.

I have had people from the US, New Zealand, Australia coming in here and they are just like, ‘wow’. So this is something that I believe would work very well in any country across the world,” she stated at the time.

Her Career

At the time of the interview, Musangi was just 46 years of age but already had a 23-year career under her belt.

Her profession has seen her work with big brands including Coca-Cola, KCB, GlaxoSmithKline and Ogilvy & Mather as a brand manager.

After working in the corporate world for 15 years, the Master of Science in Management (University of Surrey, UK) graduate left employment to become a mother and start the Secret Garden Restaurant.


She is well known as a lovely low key lady who is very hardworking. She regards her father as her mentor. She avoids the limelight so much. she likes to see the best in people.

She adores Oprah Winfrey: America billionaire and television mogul Oprah Winfrey is her greatest inspiration.

“She’s a strong woman. I’d ask her how she copes with the bad days and how she keeps going. I’d also ask her how she ensures that success is not just your own, but for the people that you work with, the people you encounter,” she disclosed.


Musangi is also married with kids and holds her husband, lawyer Andrew Mukite Musangi,in high regard. She also disclosed that she loves her children.

“You know, I’m from a divorced home so I never got an opportunity to experience a family life in that respect. So for me, I was very scared of getting married because I didn’t know how that would work.

“Nobody really taught me. I have a very patient husband, easy. We are similar in personality and it’s just like living with your best friend. Honestly, he’s very supportive, he’s there, he works with the kids…it’s been a home of fun,” she disclosed of her husband.

Chris Kirubi's Daughter Mary-Anne

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