We Enticed Raila Into Government Using a Cup of Busaa, Chereng’ani MP Now Says.

Cup of Busaa, Chereng'ani MP

Chereng’ani Member of Parliament MP Joshua Kutuny has continued his attacks to Orange Democratic Movement ODM party leader Raila Amolo Odinga.

The Jubilee leguslator is now accusing the former prime minister of being enticed by small things.

He said he was the one who mediated between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to ensure that he is brought into the government.

Speaking in Kitum, Chereng’ani Constituency Kuttuny said when Raila was not in government, even Uhuru could not sleep and the best way to solve the issue was to ensure that the then opposition leader is included in government.

“When Raila was in opposition, he gave the government sleepless nights and I advised the president to ensure that he brings him in government so that the country moves ahead for the betterment of common mwananchi,” Chereng’ani MP Kutuny said.

Cup of Busaa, Chereng'ani MP

“The cost of the move was simple. We just gave him Busaa and a room to sleep,” he added.

However, Chereng’ani MP Kutuny said that Raila used the chance he was given to push the Deputy President William Ruto out of government and now he is the one running the government on behalf of Uhuru.

The vocal legislator and great critic of William Ruto have declared himself the Kalenjin kingpin saying that he will advise the community on the leaders to support asking the community to forget about Raila, Uhuru, and Ruto as he will give light at the right time.

This comes barely a day after he accusing the ODM party leader of being selfish and most corrupt.

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“Raila has forgotten his oversight roles and instead has pushed the Deputy President William Ruto out of government he is the one running the government on behalf of Uhuru,” Kutuny said.

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