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How To Check Whether Your ID Card Has Registered Other Mobile Numbers

How To Check Whether Your ID Card Has Registered Other Mobile Numbers

If your ID card falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to register mobile numbers that could be used in criminal activity or to obtain mobile loans through the mobile money lending system.

Some consumers have discovered that they have been listed with a credit bureau for mobile loans that they are unaware of.

They discovered that their ID Card was used to register mobile numbers that were used to obtain the loans when they followed the trail.

Because their personal information was used, some people have found themselves in the middle of crimes they did not commit.

If you lose your ID Card, notify the appropriate authorities and obtain a police abstract.

Visit your mobile service provider’s customer service or phone their customer service lines to see if your ID Card has registered any additional mobile numbers.

During SIM registration, Safaricom has implemented a new stage for confirming ID Card numbers.

Safaricom will send an SMS to your MAIN number if you purchase an additional SIM card during the registration procedure.

The SMS will be sent from the number 707, and it will ask if the registration is valid.

Customers will either respond with a YES or a NO.

So if someone tries to register a SIM card with your ID number, you’ll get a text from 707.

If you receive this SMS and are not enrolling a new SIM card, simply reply NO to prevent someone else from registering a SIM using your ID.

In Kenya, we’ve observed a rise in fraud when fraudsters take other people’s identities, falsify documents or transactions, or just deceive others into sending money to the wrong numbers. We’ve also witnessed an increase in the number of people who have been reported to credit bureaus for taking loans through apps without their knowledge.

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