Likely New Chairman of Ruto’s Renamed Party Identified.


The renaming of Ruto’s Party of Reforms and Development to the United Democratic Party is the party of many laid strategies that the Ruto camp has put in place to achieve the 2022 statehouse goal.

It is now clear that Ruto will not use troubled Jubilee to ride to the statehouse come 2022.

Politically concerned Citizens have been wondering whom Ruto has entrusted the hard task of laying down the operational plans for the party. Inside Sources has it that former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama is the new chairman of Ruto’s 2022 statehouse rifer party.

What is now left is Ruto to give directions on the way forward of the party. Muthama is a political guru who controls part of the Ukambani region. Ruto camp according to Muthama is simply fed up with Jubilee’s turn around.

Muthama is the Ukambani region general for the Hustler’s nation. He has been involved in the arrangement of Political meetings in Ukambani for Ruto and is expected to continue doing the same for the newly renamed party. If the formation of the new party is a success, then ANC and ODM may have a hard time defending their bid.

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