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Exposed: Here Is What Caused The Caused of Death to The Famous Luo Ohangla-Rhumba Musician.

Luo Abenny Jachiga

The talented Luo Ohangla-Rhumba maestro is gone. However, his departure has raised more questions than answers. Some have allegedly said the famous musician was killed while others feel he died from sickness.

With no particular response as to what caused the death of the famous ‘Wuod Min Okinyo’ hundreds of youths on Thursday, June 11 took to the streets of the lakeside city demanding to see the body of their own at a morgue in Kisumu and answers as to what caused his demise.

That said, on Thursday, June 11, the Nairobi mini Bloggers carried out an investigation to find out what might have caused the death of the popular Luo rhumba artist who died suddenly on the night of June 10, an incident his fans are yet to come to terms with. 

The Nairobi mini Bloggers, therefore, carried out a phone interview with his close friend Luo Ohangla-Rhumba singer Vinny Kamela who opened up and shared what transpired before the celebrated rhumba artist’s died.

The soft-spoken Vinny Kamela told the Nairobi mini Bloggers, that the late Abenny Jachiga developed pain in the stomach, which compelled his family to rush him to the hospital.

Kamela said when the deceased reached the hospital, the doctors commenced treatment immediately, with several tests conducted before the doctors realized the musician was suffering from kidney problems.

He noted that the doctors tried their best until the late Abenny confessed that, indeed, he was feeling better but only complained of having difficulty in breathing.

“Abenny complained of severe pain in the stomach, but later, when he was taken to the hospital, the doctors noted that he had kidney problems.

After being treated, he said he was feeling much better but later complained of having difficulty breathing,” said the talented Luo rhumba artist Kamela.

Mr. Kamela revealed the late Jachiga was his great friend, and they had even done a song called ‘Simba Manyo Wendo, ‘ which did well on social media, especially on YouTube. He said he was shocked when he learned that his friend and a colleague passed away.

“I am shocked, Abenny Jachiga was my personal friend, and we did the song called ‘Simba Manyo Wendo’ together,” he said.

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