Four Rarely Kept Cattle Breeds That Can Change Your Fortunes.

Cattle Breeds That Can Change Your Fortunes.

When it comes to cattle breeds or their crosses, there are much more available locally that you can go for and completely change your fortunes. There are some cattle breeds that are kept by few farmers or whose semen is least sought after yet they have huge potential when reared for meat, milk, or used for breeding.

These include Brown Swiss, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Charolaise

1) Brown Swiss

This is a dual purpose cattle breed ( kept for both meat and milk) and can weigh up to 700kg . It’s greyish colour helps to resist extreme solar radiation enabling it to survive in semi-arid areas

Cattle Breeds

This cow is not a heavy feeder yet it produces 27 – 30 litres of milk a day and has butterfat content second after Jersey breeds.

An in-calf breed of the animal goes at Sh 120,000 and semen from a Brown Swiss bull goes for sh 1000

2) Charolais

This animal is purely white in colour with a pink muzzle and pale hooves. It is mainly kept for meat. Charolais bulls can weigh up to 1130 kg and cows up to 900kg

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Charolais are hardy and can be kept both in highlands and lowlands. Much more, they can graze on pastures that many other breeds cannot use

An in calf cow goes at sh120,000 and a young calf at sh 15,000.

3) Aberdeen Angus

This is the best cattle breed you can sought to improve local breeds like Zebu and Sahiwal. This breed is polled (lacks horns) and can be black or red in colour although black is the dominant colour. Occasionally, white colour may appear on the udder.

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Cattle Breeds

It is best kept for meat and has a high carcass yield with tender meat. Much more, they are very adaptable, good-natured and mature extremely early.

4) Hereford Cattle Breeds

Hereford is black or brown with a white head, dewlap, crest or underline. This cattle grows very fast and has good foraging ability. They are also docile ( friendly to handle) and mainly kept for meat.

Cattle Breeds

The Cattle Breed live quite a long time and this reduces the cost of herd replacements for farmers

Bulls weigh an average of 1,200kg, with cows weighing around 800kg.

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