“I Am 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts”- Lady Lament

"I Am 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts"- lady lament

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts – “I’m 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts”  It’s a sure phase of life where numerous individuals pass on, don’t have the foggiest idea what, you feel like life is out of line to you in light of specific components, imagine that you don’t rake in some serious cash, don’t locate a viable accomplice and numerous others.  A woman as of late took to Twitter to share her biography in a couple of moving words;…

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This Is Rev Lucy Natasha, What She Admires

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares The Woman of God Rev Lucy Natasha is a very powerful minister of the word and her faith has opened endless opportunities for her and still many more to come. This woman of God has been such an inspiration to a lot of people out here and thanks to her many souls have seen the light Rev Lucy Natasha is always bringing very inspirational messages every time she ministers and here is a bit of what I picked from her, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are daring,…

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It Has Not Been Easy! Rev Natasha Won Against All Odds

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares It has not been easy to settle the sanctuary at the City of Nairobi. Despite the process costing finances and social efforts, the seen and unseen forces have been tempting to interfere. Rev Natasha, the senior overseer of Empowerment Christian church confirmed to have always gone down her knees to ask God for guidance. Rev Natasha believes that prayer is the meeting point point between divinity and humanity. She has been seeking heavenly intervention amid trials and victory. Maybe nobody would have believed that a successful pastor would…

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See Westland View Of The Nairobi Expressway

Nairobi Expressway

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Emerging along the urban corridors of Westlands is an elevated section of the upcoming Nairobi Expressway. The project which is one of the interventions to decongest Nairobi and by extension, a critical part of the Northern corridor is quickly taking shape. As work is ongoing, the project’s impact is being already felt in the local supply chain market where materials such as cement, reinforcement steel, timber, sand and fuel are all being sourced locally. The Nairobi Expressway is expected to awaken the economic potential of Nairobi which is…

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Top 10 Most Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya 2021

Marketable Diploma Courses

TweetShareSharePin88 Shares Every Kenyan student is aiming to make it big in life,but this dream can’t be realized without pursuing a marketable diploma course.As of 2019 there are a couple of courses that would give you a job instantly and others which are not marketable at all.There are several colleges in Kenya that offer Diploma Courses, majority of them specialize in Finance and Accounting Courses. Most students who don’t attain the mandatory C+ grade to be admitted to the undergraduate level prefer pursuing a diploma course before they move to…

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Panic In Murang’a After Several Brutally Murdered Bodies Are Found Dumped in One Village


TweetShareSharePin66 Shares Fear has hit Gaturi area in Kiharu, murang’a county after several brutally murdered bodies were discovered dumped in the area. According to Inooro Tv Gaturi residents have been waking up to bizarre scenes of bodies dumped by the village’s entrance. It’s not yet known who has been killing these innocent men and women and later dumping these bodies by the village. Residents talking to the media said that the area is a well known crime scene as within the past one year over six bodies have been dumped at the scene. During the…

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All You Need To Know About The ‘Boy’ Statue Outside Kenya Supreme Court

Statue Outside Kenya Supreme Court

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares The statue of a naked boy holding a fish marks the entrance to the Supreme Court of Kenya. It used to be known as Hamilton Fountain. This statue was ordered during the Second World War by Mrs. Getrude Hamilton. It was supposed to be placed in Nairobi as a living testimony to what her late husband and lawyer, George Alexander Hamilton who died in 1937 stood for: justice. However, this is not the original statue that Mrs Hamilton had ordered. The original was packed aboard a cargo ship…

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8 Known Kenyan Pastors And The Huge Scandals That Have Ruined Their Call.

Known Kenyan Pastors

TweetShareSharePin2222 Shares Some Kenyan pastors have been swept under the carpet by the size of the scandal hanging over their heads. Some of these scandals range from fake miracles to sleeping with people’s wives in the name of spiritual cleansing and now to killing with impunity; all these puts together have shamed the names and reputations of the pastors involved and has also sparked disparaging remarks about the Christian faith, making it a great target of criticism from other faiths and religions. Of course when the list of Kenyan Pastors who Rob People…

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PHOTOS: Former Chief Justice Evans Gicheru Burial.

Chief Justice Evans Gicheru Burial.

TweetShareSharePin1414 Shares Former Chief Justice Evans Gicheru who is largely remembered for entrenching judicial independence is set to be laid to rest before the turn of the New Year 2021. Former Chief Justice Evans Gicheru’s burial held in set to go down at Karen, Nairobi. This has been preceded by a celebration of the life of the late Rtd Chief Justice at ACK St Francis Church, Karen. Chief Justice David Maraga and his counterpart Attorney General Paul Kihara earlier on visited the family and passed their condolences. CJ Maraga had further revealed that the…

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Tribal Violence In South Darfur Sees Sudan Deploy Troops

South Darfur Sees Sudan Deploy Troops

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares After the killing of 15 people in tribal violence recently, Sudan will deploy “large numbers” of troops to South Darfur state The state news agency cited the state governor as saying on Sunday. The state is part of the restive Darfur region, in the west of Sudan, which suffered a bitter conflict that erupted in 2003. A dispute over a water source between members of the tribes of Masalit and Fallata in Gereida city ended with the killing of two people from the Fallata tribe, SUNA news agency…

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