Breaking News: Two William Ruto’s Allies Arrested

William Ruto's Allies Arrested

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares The Bahati Mp Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri was arrested today, by Police in London Ward in Nakuru County after their Campaigns were disrupted by the Police. They had organized the meeting to Campaign for their Candidate Nzuki Wachira for the by-elections. “We have actually been apprehended shortly after we reached at the Venue and we are not very certain where we are heading to.” Hon. Ngunjiri says. Speaking through Twitter, Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika who was also arrested claimed that everything in Politics is just all about persuading Kenyans but not using excessive force, as is being witnessed. She also…

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Ayub Bundi Exposed: Meru County Goat Breeders Scandal.

Meru County Goat Breeders Scandal

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares The Company is associated with Ayub Bundi. In 2015 the company won a Scandalous tender Worth 8.5M to supply goats to registered groups of Farmers. The Specifications of the breeds were Togen, Agro Nubian & Boer goats. Ayub Bundi decided to buy goats Kianjai, Mukothima & Nkondi markets the worst breeds and supplied to farmers. The estimated costs of this worst breed were Ksh.1.2M. Ayub was paid 8.5M from the tender. In 2016 Ayub Bundi won another tender under the company Meru Goat Breeders of Ksh 12M. He…

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It Has Not Been Easy! Rev Natasha Won Against All Odds

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares It has not been easy to settle the sanctuary at the City of Nairobi. Despite the process costing finances and social efforts, the seen and unseen forces have been tempting to interfere. Rev Natasha, the senior overseer of Empowerment Christian church confirmed to have always gone down her knees to ask God for guidance. Rev Natasha believes that prayer is the meeting point point between divinity and humanity. She has been seeking heavenly intervention amid trials and victory. Maybe nobody would have believed that a successful pastor would…

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“Ruto na Kazi!” Excitement As Ruto Brings Kiambaa To A Standstill(Photos)

Ruto na Kazi!

TweetShareSharePin77 Shares DP Ruto today Led the empowerment of 30 Boda Boda Saccos in Kiambaa at the Kawaida playgrounds, Kiambu County. While addressing a Mammoth of Jubilant crowd, the second in command has said that he is determined to put more resources to the millions of ordinary Kenyans at the base of the wealth pyramid to generate more wealth through enterprises. This new economic model anchored on Kazi Ni Kazi’s philosophy is going to help fight poverty, and make Kenya move forward. These bodaboda riders could not hide their joy but chant Ruto for 2022. This comes after…

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Cost of Acquiring a Personalized Number Plate in Kenya

Personalized Number Plate in Kenya

TweetShareSharePin1111 Shares A personalized number plate in Kenya can be seen as a statement of individuality. However, not many Kenyans can afford this luxury enjoyed only by a few. According to National Transport and Safety Authority database, the number of Kenyans with custom plates is just but a handful. The Luxury of personalized number plate can be taken as a security concern but this is not always the case. It is a basic issue of personal branding. The government introduced new regulations that will cost you Kshs 1,000,000 to register a personalized number plate. This fee…

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Adamant LSK President Nelson Havi Says He Is Not Going Anywhere

LSK President Nelson Havi

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares While stating that the council members had no power to make such a decision to suspend him, Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has rubbished the move. Havi said he will not be vacating his seat until the end of his term as President. He was responding to the statement from the LSK Council on Monday evening. “The 8 suspended Council Members do not have power to suspend President Nelson Havi. That is a preserve of Members in a General Meeting. The ‘suspension’ is a nullity ab…

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Wake Uk Up Call For Teachers And Learners As Assessment Report Show Mass Failure By Learners


TweetShareSharePin55 Shares In what has caused huge learning gaps caused by the effects of prolonged closures, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates have recorded poor grades in school-based assessments. In most of the subjects assessed, more than half of the 1.1 million Class Eight candidates who sat the tests scored less than an average of 50 percent mark. The Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) report read, “Majority of Class 8 learners performed below average. This is evidenced by the substantial proportions of learners who did not attain the…

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Interview With Elizabeth Marami: Kenya’s ONLY Female Marine Pilot.

Elizabeth Marami

TweetShareSharePin1212 Shares At only 27 years, Elizabeth Marami is charting the path less traveled and breaking gender barriers that have been in place for so long. Her courage would see her swim away from the waters of comfort to take up a comprehensive and challenging course in navigation and become a marine pilot. Intimidating and authoritative would be the ideal requirements for her job. However, Elizabeth Marami has a warm personality, petite physique, and is soft-spoken for a person whose main duty is to take ‘command’. You have the name pilot in…

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The Death Of 3rd Chief Justice Kitili Mwendwa

Chief Justice Kitili Mwendwa

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Justice Kitili Mwendwa, the third Chief Justice in independent Kenya, was appointed to assume office at the age of 39. Mwendwa, is the first black African of Kenyan origin, to hold the office of the CJ Kitili Mwendwa. He obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from Exeter University and a Masters degree in law from Oxford University. Justice Mwendwa was admitted to the Bar in England and was a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn. He joined the civil service in 1962 quickly rising to become Permanent Secretary in 1963…

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Somalia Begins To Eat Humble Pie; Lifts Ban On Miraa Imports From Kenya

Lifts Ban On Miraa Imports From Kenya

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares Kenya will now be able to export khat (miraa) to Somalia. This is after Somalia’s Federal Government officially lifted the ban on the importation of khat (miraa) from Kenya.. However, to be admitted on its territory, it has imposed certain conditions for the commodity. Somalia’s Finance Minister, Dr Abdirahman Dualeh Beileh, told a press conference on Monday evening that traders will now be allowed to import miraa, but businesses must follow proper procedure. “Traders must import khat into the country by legal means,” Dr Beileh.“I hereby declare that…

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