Joe Biden Calls President Uhuru, Tells Him the Following

Joe Biden Calls President Uhuru

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares United States President Joe Biden on Friday, February 26, 2021, made a call to President Uhuru at the statehouse from the white house. This is the second time the 46th President of the US called President Uhuru since he ascended in power. On December 1st, Biden called Uhuru and conveyed his interest in building on a strong lasting partnership between the two countries. Biden promised to assist Kenya in solving challenges emerging from the Covid-19 and also economic issues. He further promised the president to assist in tackling the threat of climate change and regional security. Today’s…

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Leaders Likely to Attend Ruto’s Inauguration Should he win

Ruto's Inauguration

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Naturally, human beings are inclined towards the positivities than they are to negativities, that’s; they prefer living to die, winning to losing, making merry to gnashing teeth, ululating to wailing such and such. With the politicking season drawing closer, eyes will be fixed on William Ruto and his arch rival Raila Odinga. The two are among the presidential hopefuls who stands a chance of inheriting Uhuru’s political shoes. As they enter the ring for the challenge, two results are probable; A loss and a win for either of…

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How Daniel Moi Escaped Notorious Kiambu Mafia’s Trap Unhurt

How Daniel Moi Escaped Kiambu Mafia's Trap Unhurt

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares As long as the print media and human memory are alive, Daniel Arap Moi’s name will remain engraved in our history books and minds. With vast political experience, Moi was dubbed ‘The Professor of Kenyan Politics’ and that he was. Nyayo’s ascension to power was as dramatic as it was unpredictable. His journey to realms of power reads thus; quite a teaching job in 1955, became a member of LegCo, co-founded KADU, minister, vice president, and lastly, he crowned his political CV with a whopping 24-year rule as Kenya’s…

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Kanjama Files Petition Challenging BBI Signature Verification Exercise

BBI Signature Verification

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares The Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission has now landed in deep trouble over the Building Bridges Initiative after fresh details reveal that the Independent Body held no capacity to verify the Collected 5 Million signatures last year. According to the report by the standard, the Building Bridges Initiative has suffered huge backlash ahead of the anticipated referendum, following the emergence of another petitioner who seeks the court to quash the Chebukati led electoral commission, adding that it didn’t conduct the verification of signatures as required by the law. If this happens, it…

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Revealed Political Seat That Betty Kyallo Is Set To Vie In Nairobi Come 2022

Betty Kyallo Is Set To Vie In Nairobi Come 2022

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares “Betty Kyallo is a good friend of mine and we talk often, and everyone knows she was a media personality. Yes, she wants to run for the Woman Rep’s seat in Nairobi,” So where exactly does Nur come in? Ostensibly, as her mentor “We can say you are Betty’s Mentor?” “Yes. Exactly,” he said, adding that, “I invited her to one of my football tournaments in California, she did not hesitate, she was happy and attended as a mentee,” Asked to clarify his relationship with Betty, the businessman stated, “I am not…

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Why We Voted Against BBI, Baringo MCAs Now Comes Out Clean

Baringo MCAs

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares With the constitution Amendment Bill of 2021 BBI already on its way to parliament after overwhelming support from over 24 counties, Baringo county MCAs, who remain the only legislators to have voted against the bill, have come out to set records straight. Led by the two Jubilee MCAs, Saimo Soi Ward MCA Richard Cheserem and Reuben Chepsongol of Bartabwa, the MCAs claimed they are not regretting why decided to vote against the already passed BBI bill. According to Mr. Cheserem, one of the reasons the shoot down the bill is because they were denied more constituencies, despite pleading for…

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This Man Raila Odinga, He Did It. He Will…

This Man Raila Odinga, He Did It. He Will...

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares Raila Odinga had refused to eat. He was on a hunger strike. .He grew thin and pale. His right palm had gone dark, the arm had pimples and boils as well. His left arm was twisted already. He was receiving extraordinary punishment. He stood for his words. Dictators had to go. I had been initially jailed for a year by the Kenyatta’s regime. For criticising the government acts on my book,, “l will marry when I want”.I had set up a revolutionary theatre ,this provoked the dictatorial regime.…

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Empowerment Christian Church Kingdom Hostess, Rev Lucy Natasha Ministry

Empowerment Christian Church Kingdom Hostess

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares The super elegant and beautiful young ladies who work as kingdom hostess at Empowerment Christian Church. Their dedication and commitment to serving God are literally commendable. The senior overseer of the international ministry one Rev Lucy Natasha has been their role model and advisor in the kingdom duty. The team offers social support during the church services. Most of the time you will find them at the entrance of the sanctuary and very active when the services are progressing. Rev Lucy Natasha has always been willing to spread…

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See Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs Basic Salary and Qualification.

Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs in the Republic of Kenya are Government employees and their positions are permanent. They are the security personnel at the location and sub-location level respectively. Below Are Some of the Qualifications To Be Chiefs in Kenya; 1. One must be a KCSE certificate holder with a mean grade of C or an equivalent grade C in English or Kiswahili. 2. An individual should have good communication skills to relate well with the members of the public. 3. An individual wishing to lead a location…

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How The Dynasty Vs Hustlers Slogan Is Slowly Uniting The Dynasties Against DP Ruto

Dynasty Vs Hustlers

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares Opinion: Dr. William Ruto should drop these slogans Dynasty Vs Hustlers from his 2022 presidential campaign agenda : Dynasties must fall agenda, will only unite the dynasties against him and also arm them to teeth to stop him, he must be prepared for wrestling like the one which was between Amalinke the cat and no-nonsense Okwonko. Hustlers Nation agenda, by all definitions and descriptions characteristically, Ruto is not hustler and I don’t think he has ever been a hustler. Development agenda: development is amorphous term mostly misunderstood and sometimes end…

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