List of 11 President Ruto Cabinet nominees

President William Ruto has nominated the first batch of 11 individuals to the Cabinet as the process of forming a new broad-based government gets underway. In a press briefing Friday, the President said consultations are ongoing after which he will announce more names. “I have started the process of forming a new, broad-based cabinet to … Read more

National Defence University Courses Offered

National Defence University Courses Offered

The National Defence University is one of a kind. There is no other of its caliber in East Africa. The institution is located in Lanet, Nakuru. It was established in 1992. It offers courses related to military Defence and security studies. Likewise, it offers higher education to General Service Unit officers of Kenya and across … Read more

How can I build a 2-bedroom House Without Taking a loan for a Salary of Ksh 27,000?

How can I build a 2-Bedroom House Without Taking a loan for a Salary of Ksh 27,000

Firstly, it’s important to understand the factors which will determine the cost build a 2-bedroom House, such as: Having understood these factors, there are three ways you can build your dream house without taking a loan: Start with Savings If you are employed permanently, your best recourse would be to calculate your monthly expenditure, and … Read more

Money Market Funds Details, Structure & How to Invest

Money Market Funds Details, Structure & How to Invest

Money Market Funds (MMFs) are currently one of the most popular investment vehicles in Kenya. This is because they invest in highly liquid securities like cash equivalents, government securities and highly-rated debt-based securities therefore having a high degree of safety. They also offer relatively high returns to investors than traditional savings accounts. Structure of Money Market … Read more

Money Market Fund Returns;- How to Calculate

Money Market Fund Returns

Money Market Fund (MMFs) are a great investment for small investors as well as large investors. They usually have low entry requirements, making them accessible to many people. When calculating your Money Market Fund returns, there are three things you should understand. You can easily find this information through your fund provider, especially if you … Read more

Green Number Plates Will Be Issued to Who Own these Vehicles

Green Number Plates

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has announced the introduction of green-coloured number plates that will be issued to motorists who own electric vehicles in Kenya. Speaking during the launch of the e-mobility policy at KICC on Wednesday, March 27, Kipchumba Murkomen announced that the number plates will be issued to Kenyans who own electric motorcycles … Read more

10 Side Hustles To Boost Your Income In Kenya For Students

Side Hustles

A recent Info Trak survey indicates that 73 per cent of Kenyans are either in severe financial distress or struggling to make ends meet with only five per cent comfortably managing. Many employed people have looking for alternative ways to boost their income including side hustles that they do on their free time. Considering the … Read more

TikTok Ban; Why US Want ByteDance to Divest from TikTok

TikTok Ban - ByteDance

The battle over TikTok is the latest front in US-China competition and Washington’s attempts to thwart potential foreign influence campaigns. In the case of TikTok, US legislators fear that ByteDance could be secretly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The company has denied the allegations that it shares sensitive user data with the Chinese government. … Read more

Death Sentence Details and What It Means in Kenyan Law

Death Sentence Details

Joseph Kuria Irungu, also known as Jowie, was found guilty of murder. Justice Grace Nzioka’s final decision on the case was a death sentence for Jowie.  “I therefore order that the first accused person Joseph Irungu, shall suffer death as provided for the offence of murder under section 204 of the penal code of Kenya … Read more

How Do I Deposit Money Into My Standard Chartered Bank Account?

How Do I Deposit Money Into My Standard Chartered Bank Account

Standard Chartered has made it very easy for all their customers to recharge their bank accounts through Mobile Money, MPESA using their Paybill Number. If you want to transfer your money from M-Pesa straight into your Standard Chartered bank account, below is how to do just that. Whenever you want to access your account, all you have … Read more

Steps to Transfer Bonga Points to Another Number

Steps to Transfer Bonga Points to Another Number

Safaricom Bonga points can now be transferred to other Safaricom customers in few easy steps. The procedure to transfer Bonga points from your number to another mobile number is simple. With the Jisort Na Bonga Points 2021 now live at all Safaricom shops countrywide you  have a chance to redeem you Bonga Points for a smartphone and … Read more

How to Get BCLB Gambling License in Kenya

BCLB Gambling License

The Kenyan gambling industry is a major economic force if a recent report by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), released in July 2023, is anything to go by. According to the taxman, online gaming sites and casinos with BCLB Gambling License rank up a record Ksh15.1 billion in betting Excise Duty and Withholding Tax when comparing collections … Read more

List of Gynecologists You Can Visit in the Nairobi

List of Gynecologists

Nairobi County has highly qualified and experienced gynecologists who offer a wide range of women’s health services. Gynecologists medical professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating various conditions related to the female reproductive system, including but not limited to menstrual disorders, fertility issues, pregnancy care, menopause symptoms, and gynecological cancers. Gynecology is the branch of medicine … Read more

How to Access PEWA Airtime Advance on your Telkom Line

PEWA Airtime Advance on your Telkom Line

PEWA Airtime is how we manage our airtime for everyday calling, messaging, and internet when an airtime account has a negative balance – but this is on the Safaricom line, so what about Telkom Kenya? Does the Telkom SIM card have the same product as Okoa Jahazi? Yes, users in Kenya can borrow Telkom airtime when … Read more