30 Best Wife Material Dressing You Should Try This Valentine


TweetShareSharePin131131 Shares Valentine’s Day approaches soon and everybody is excited for this marvelous day. Most people are confused about overdressing the special day already. Some people also think about the traditional color of Valentine’s Day, red and white. However, we will share here in this article some marvelous dress and stylish wear for every lady. If you’re either unsure about what to carry or still shopping for the right equipment to purchase you can review the pictures below and pick from them. The irony is that it is complicated for…

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Engineer Michael Olunga Salary At Qatar In Al-Duhail SC

Michael Olunga

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares According to Nairobinews, Michael Olunga salary will be doubled from the kes8 million monthly he received at Kashiwa Reysol. Put into perspective it translates to kes16 million per month in his new club.  Michael Olunga will earn allowances and bonuses for goals scored and the overall performance of the team.  Former Harambee Stars player Dennis Oliech encouraged Michael Olunga to make the switch saying he wasn’t getting any younger and it was time to make money. He cautioned the striker on what may befall him if his form…

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The Man Who Owns Rainbow Ruiru Resort

3 Billion Rainbow Ruiru Resort

TweetShareSharePin1616 Shares Rainbow Ruiru Resort is a five-star hotel located in Ruiru, a few meters off Nairobi – Thika superhighway. It is the most stylish hotel in the town and perhaps one of the most reckoned hotels in Kiambu County. Most people are not aware of the real owner and there had been stories linking the former Governor of Kiambu County, William Kabogo, as the owner of this lavish resort. This was because he used to visit the hotel with his chopper landing on the helipad during campaigns. However, the…

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Man Shares Touching Story Of How He Met His Wife While Selling Orange As A Kid.

Selling Orange

TweetShare159SharePin1160 Shares A newly married man has melted hearts on social media after sharing the touching love story of how he met his wife while he was still a kid selling Oranges. Taking to Twitter to share a throwback and snaps from his wedding, @iKingMillie, wrote about how he and his wife met years back. According to him, he used to sell orange while he was still a kid, and it was one of those days selling that he met her. He narrated that she sat with him after she liked the…

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Don’t Say ‘How Are You, How Was Your Night’: It’s Very Wrong Instead Use These Words

Don't Say 'How Are You, How Was Your Night': It's Very Wrong Instead Use These Words

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares The English Language could be hard sometimes, especially when it gets to mastering and studying some of our days today words we say that seems correct but is inappropriate. So am going to share some tips on words u can use to replace the usual “” How are you””and How was your Night from one of most respected English and Vocabulary teachers Mrs. Jessica Okafor. Aren’t you tired of the usual, How are you? I’m fine, thank you. “How are you?” These are the three most useless words…

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Prayer is the Only Weapon To save Kenyans from the deadly Coronavirus – Rev Lucy Natasha

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Nairobi Kenya– The voice of a City popular pastor living in the epicenter of an alledged deadly coronavirus outbreak is being heard around the world and she is persuading many Christians to stand with her in prayers. The city preacher Rev Lucy Natasha penned a post on her social media platform urging followers to be more prayerful . “Corona Virus you shall not gain entry in our gates and land. The Blood of Jesus is against you!! TouchingHeavenThroughPrayer” The World Health Organisation, WHO, has since declared it a…

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Sonko Versus Babayao: The Main 10 Differences

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares 1. Sonko beat Kidero like Burukenge, Babayao was beaten by Kidero like Shebesh. 2. Sonko catches the Corrupt and exposes them, Babayao is one of the Corrupt waiting to be exposed. 3. Sonko takes on the Leading Land Grabbers in Nairobi, Babayao is among the Leading Land Grabbers in Nairobi. 4. Sonko is a well-known giver & philanthropist, Babayao is a well-known grabber & Kleptomaniac. 5. Sonko has an Original Degree in Business Administration, Babayao has a Fake Degree in Business Administration. 6. Sonko has collected over 30…

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More Building to Be Brought Down By Governor Mike Sonko.

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Mike Sonko: Jamani hii Nairobi yetu iko na mambo mingi sana alafu ukistamp authority kudismantle hii upuzi unaambiwa unafuta watu ovyo ovyo.  Imagine 3 months ago residents of south c complained that an influential grabber grabbed a children’s playground and part of the olive road a public road within south c. The grabber erected a perimeter wall blocking the phase two tarmacking of this important road. The County had completed the tarmacking of phase one. All the concerned County senior officers including myself went to the ground with…

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