“I Am 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts”- Lady Lament

"I Am 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts"- lady lament

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts – “I’m 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts”  It’s a sure phase of life where numerous individuals pass on, don’t have the foggiest idea what, you feel like life is out of line to you in light of specific components, imagine that you don’t rake in some serious cash, don’t locate a viable accomplice and numerous others.  A woman as of late took to Twitter to share her biography in a couple of moving words;…

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African Women Are Goddesses, Just Look At These Pictures

African Women Are Goddesses

TweetShareSharePin150150 Shares Many people across the world believe that Africa is host to uncivilized and uncultured people wearing animal skins and sacrificing them in order to get their meals… but if only they knew!. If they just knew Africa’s beauty and the women are far more beautiful, they will change their minds. If only they knew on a summer’s day the distinct shade of a tanning arm! African women are the country’s most beautiful women. With elegance and sophistication, African women change as they take to the stage. When he…

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Edgar Obare Expose Jalango Again “We Know What They Do Behind That Best Friend Title”

Edgar Obare Expose Jalango Again

TweetShareSharePin2626 Shares Edgar has labeled Jalango’s blog as “amateurs” after publishing a story about Diamonds weekend visit without intel, claiming that the crooner was here to see Tanasha, claims that Edgar has proved are wrong, after revealing the details about the short stay and to wrap it off to call it a day. Edgar has exposed Jalango giving his viewers an in sigh as to what the comedian who has faced several infidelity claims over the years what he was up to over the weekend. Seen on Edgar’s status Jalango in one snap I seen in…

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Matatu Run Over a Hawker Selling Products In The Middle Of The Road

Hawker selling Middle Of The Road kenya

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares A Matatu Driver has today run over a hawker who was selling his various products to the drivers who were caught up in a long traffic jam along Jogoo Road. According to the eyewitness who was around when the ugly incident happened, the matatu driver had tried to overtake a saloon car that was infront of him after he saw that his lane was not moving because of the traffic jam at that time. The Driver decided to change the lane and opted to go to another lane that vehicles…

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MP Fears for His Life After he was Caught Chopping Governor’s Wife.

MP Fears for His Life After he was Caught Chopping Governor's Wife.

TweetShareSharePin88 Shares People engaging in illicit extramarital affairs are on the rise and the consequences are dire should one be caught with someone’s wife?. Some have done in for long without being caught and the unlucky ones have found themselves in the battling end with some even losing their lives. There are reports that have been making headlines online that blossoming first-time a member of Parliament is afraid of his life after his affairs with the wife of the governor hit the public radar. Reports by the star revealed that…

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Wake Uk Up Call For Teachers And Learners As Assessment Report Show Mass Failure By Learners


TweetShareSharePin55 Shares In what has caused huge learning gaps caused by the effects of prolonged closures, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates have recorded poor grades in school-based assessments. In most of the subjects assessed, more than half of the 1.1 million Class Eight candidates who sat the tests scored less than an average of 50 percent mark. The Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) report read, “Majority of Class 8 learners performed below average. This is evidenced by the substantial proportions of learners who did not attain the…

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Panic In Murang’a After Several Brutally Murdered Bodies Are Found Dumped in One Village


TweetShareSharePin66 Shares Fear has hit Gaturi area in Kiharu, murang’a county after several brutally murdered bodies were discovered dumped in the area. According to Inooro Tv Gaturi residents have been waking up to bizarre scenes of bodies dumped by the village’s entrance. It’s not yet known who has been killing these innocent men and women and later dumping these bodies by the village. Residents talking to the media said that the area is a well known crime scene as within the past one year over six bodies have been dumped at the scene. During the…

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I Paid Assassin 100k To Kill My Father, For Disowning Me- Angela Michael 21 Years Old Confessed


TweetShareSharePin77 Shares I paid the assassin 100k to kill my father, for disowning me- Angela Michael 21 years old confessed Rich-Kid studio.opera.com Angela Michael (21 years old) has been apprehended by police officers who traced the death of his father, Engineer Michael Christopher to her. The late Engineer reportedly died on Thursday, 2nd of April 2020 in his home. Engineer Michael’s source of death has been unknown, although investigations were still ongoing as at the time of Angela’s arrest in Katsina-Ala in Benue State. It was alleged that the late…

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Martha Karua, Sabina Chege, And Esther Passaris Before Money and Fame (Photos)

Martha Karua, Sabina Chege, And Esther Passaris Before Money and Fame Throw Back Photos

TweetShareSharePin1212 Shares All of the political figures in the country, both make and female always have a story to tell on how they struggled to make ends meet in their young and schooling days, and how they came to rise into power, fame and popularity. Amongst the popular female politicians in Kenya, the Muranga County Woman Representative, Hon. Sabina Chege, the NARC Kenya party leader, Martha Karua, and the Nairobi County Woman Representative, Esther Passaris had their young age photos emerge on social media platforms, causing an internet uproar. The photos from the three influential female politicians in…

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8 Known Kenyan Pastors And The Huge Scandals That Have Ruined Their Call.

Known Kenyan Pastors

TweetShareSharePin2222 Shares Some Kenyan pastors have been swept under the carpet by the size of the scandal hanging over their heads. Some of these scandals range from fake miracles to sleeping with people’s wives in the name of spiritual cleansing and now to killing with impunity; all these puts together have shamed the names and reputations of the pastors involved and has also sparked disparaging remarks about the Christian faith, making it a great target of criticism from other faiths and religions. Of course when the list of Kenyan Pastors who Rob People…

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