“Rihanna Sent Me This,” Elsa Majimbo Surprises Fans After Revealing Letter Sent to Her by Rihanna

Rihanna Sent Me This," Elsa Majimbo

TweetShareSharePin1515 Shares Kenyan Comedienne Elsa Majimbo, has definitely raised the Kenyan flag, to greater heights. Elsa managed to stand up against cyberbullying in Kenya, at the beginning of her online comedy career, with Kenyans on Twitter in particular. Elsa Majimbo was also unfairly compared to fellow female comedienne Chebet Rono, whom she was accused of stealing content from. That, however, did not deter the female comedian from achieving her dreams. Where Kenyans failed to support her talent or craft, other people stood up for the comedienne. However, some of these people such as American artist, Rihanna, rarely…

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“I Am 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts”- Lady Lament

"I Am 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts"- lady lament

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts – “I’m 56 And Never Been Married, Life Is Passing Me By, Life Hurts”  It’s a sure phase of life where numerous individuals pass on, don’t have the foggiest idea what, you feel like life is out of line to you in light of specific components, imagine that you don’t rake in some serious cash, don’t locate a viable accomplice and numerous others.  A woman as of late took to Twitter to share her biography in a couple of moving words;…

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This Is Rev Lucy Natasha, What She Admires

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares The Woman of God Rev Lucy Natasha is a very powerful minister of the word and her faith has opened endless opportunities for her and still many more to come. This woman of God has been such an inspiration to a lot of people out here and thanks to her many souls have seen the light Rev Lucy Natasha is always bringing very inspirational messages every time she ministers and here is a bit of what I picked from her, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are daring,…

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African Women Are Goddesses, Just Look At These Pictures

African Women Are Goddesses

TweetShareSharePin150150 Shares Many people across the world believe that Africa is host to uncivilized and uncultured people wearing animal skins and sacrificing them in order to get their meals… but if only they knew!. If they just knew Africa’s beauty and the women are far more beautiful, they will change their minds. If only they knew on a summer’s day the distinct shade of a tanning arm! African women are the country’s most beautiful women. With elegance and sophistication, African women change as they take to the stage. When he…

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How To Conceive a Baby Boy

Baby Boy

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Scientifically, the gender of the baby is determined by chromosomes, which are located in the DNA. Females have two X chromosomes (XX) while males have one X chromosome and Y chromosome. During conception, both males and females contribute 50% of the chromosomes. Since all the eggs in the woman contain X chromosomes, it’s the man who determines the gender of the baby. If a chromosome with Y chromosomes fertilizes the eggs, the embryo will be a Baby Boy. If a chromosome with an X chromosome fertilizes the egg,…

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Koffi Olomide Biography, Real Names, Education Talent, in Congolese.

Koffi Olomide

TweetShareSharePin88 Shares Koffi Olomide is a Congolese Sonkus singer, who is talented in composing, dancing, and produce music. His real name is Antoine Christopher Agbepa Mumba what was born in Kisangani, Bolgian Democratic Republic of Congo, currently aged 64. The origin of his name is because his mother named him Koffi since he was born on Friday. He was born in a family without any musical background.  Education On his education, he was a very bright student to an extent that he got a scholarship to study in Bordeaux, France where he obtained a degree in business economics.  He has also obtained a…

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Meet One Of Harmonize’s Manager Who is Also A Medical Doctor

Meet One Of Harmonize's Manager Who is Also A Medical Doctor

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Harmonize is the former WCB artist who ditched the record label 2 years ago and formed his own music record label known as The Konde Music Worldwide. Harmonize is managed by 4 managers namely; Mjerumani, Choppa, Jose Wa Mipango, and Jembe. Among his managers, there is one who has really touched his life positively and he always praises him for everything that he did for him. The Harmonize’s Manager’s name is Jembe, who is a medical doctor and also owns his own insurance company. Harmonize’s Manager is the man who examined Anjella’s leg disability and concluded…

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Edgar Obare Expose Jalango Again “We Know What They Do Behind That Best Friend Title”

Edgar Obare Expose Jalango Again

TweetShareSharePin2626 Shares Edgar has labeled Jalango’s blog as “amateurs” after publishing a story about Diamonds weekend visit without intel, claiming that the crooner was here to see Tanasha, claims that Edgar has proved are wrong, after revealing the details about the short stay and to wrap it off to call it a day. Edgar has exposed Jalango giving his viewers an in sigh as to what the comedian who has faced several infidelity claims over the years what he was up to over the weekend. Seen on Edgar’s status Jalango in one snap I seen in…

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Matatu Run Over a Hawker Selling Products In The Middle Of The Road

Hawker selling Middle Of The Road kenya

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares A Matatu Driver has today run over a hawker who was selling his various products to the drivers who were caught up in a long traffic jam along Jogoo Road. According to the eyewitness who was around when the ugly incident happened, the matatu driver had tried to overtake a saloon car that was infront of him after he saw that his lane was not moving because of the traffic jam at that time. The Driver decided to change the lane and opted to go to another lane that vehicles…

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Bishop Arthur Kitonga Advises Rev Natasha to Pursue Earthly Woes by Seeking God

Bishop Arthur Kitonga

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares Senior overseer of redeemed Christian church based in Nairobi one Archbishop Arthur Kitonga has advised city preacher, Rev Lucy Natasha, to tackle the petty ridicules targeting the ministry from a spiritual angle. The man of God was speaking during the launch of Empowerment Christian church on Sunday as he presided over the grand event. Bishop Arthur Kitonga shared a powerful sermon citing continued efforts to build the strong foundation of ECC ministry. He encouraged Rev Natasha to continue following Church doctrines and Christ’s desires. Bishop Arthur Kitonga quoted…

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