“Y’all Shameless Corrupt Folks” Kenyans Angered After Cate Waruguru Reveals Government Plans to Borrow More

Cate Waruguru

Kenyans have taken a swipe on Laikipia Women Representative Hon Cate Waruguru’s controversial remarks about the public debt penning down angry reactions.

According to Hon Cate Waruguru, he has said that today the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning met the Cabinet Secretary, National Treasury and Planning Hon Ambassador Ukur Yattani to be appraised on the current debt level and efforts that have been put in place to ensure fiscal consolidation and restructuring public debt.

Waruguru has revealed the outcome of their meeting saying that the Cabinet Secretary presented before the Committee a statement on borrowing and public debt management in which he outlined the status of new borrowings, the size of public debt, cost and risks of debt and public debt sustainability.

After the remarks by Hon Cate Waruguru, Kenyans have seemed not overwhelmed by the remarks with some penning down as follows.

Chepkwel Emmanuel: Mtauza Kenya nyinyi.

Branislav: Sasa si hii yako ni ufala unaona umefanya kitu ya maana kuambia Kenyans mnakopa pesa?

Collins: Y’all shameless corrupt folks masquerading as leaders who take advantage of your positions to thrive on our sweat…may the heavens judge you harshly.

Peter Njenga: That’s not enough, give us the details, what are their plans????

Milan: So what? After discussing what next or what was deliberated, to stop or continue borrowing? And to what limits? 

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Wacirah: And we shall continue borrowing to pay debts. Our sorry story is akin to digging one hole to fill another. Times are harder for Kenyans for lacking visionary leaders. What we have is a consortium of greedy and selfish leadership 

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