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A Very Inhumane, Man Forced to Spend the Night at Police Station With His Dead Wife In Coffin at Meru.

Police Station

“My name is Charles Mwenda I come from Meru county, Tigania west sub county, Kianjai location, Nairiri sublocation,but work in Malindi.

l traveled on Wednesday 27/5/2020 from Malindi together with my friends and relatives to burry my wife who has been suffering from cancer for 2yrs.

Having tested corona virus-negative and all travel permits from relevant authorities I crossed all Police barriers, at 11.00pm the night of Thursday 28/5/2020 we were at the final police barrier at Meru-Tharaka Nithi border a place called Keira, where we were stopped by police and forced out of the car.

Police Station

What I saw there was so inhuman, upon a lengthy discussion all my family and friends were forced to return back to Malindi and I was left alone with the casket which was offloaded from the bus and put in an officers car, I was threatened that I would be taken to a 14day quarantine after the burial.

I had to travel alone after even my mother and kids were denied to accompany me and I was later dropped at Kianjai police post at 2.00pm.

Police Station

I was confused and didn’t even know the way home the body of my wife was offloaded from the police vehicle and put on the roadside, I pleaded with the police to get the body to my home which is 5km from the police station but they refused I was forced to spend the night with the casket to make the matters worse it was raining I had to pull the casket under a lorry which was parked at the station, I didn’t know what to do, it was the darkest day of my life.

I was picked at 6.00Am by a friend who ferried me and the casket home. I think I didn’t deserve that.”

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