Caroline Mutoko Biography; Age, Career, Daughter, Husband, House, Car, Salary

Caroline Mutoko Biography

Caroline Mutoko, a Kenyan media big-wig, feminist, women rights defender, and the list goes on. Caroline has many titles considering her long career and outspoken personality.

Many recall her radio hosting days where she boldly tackled controversial topics on her morning radio show, the most famous being at Kiss 100 FM. Indeed, Caroline is a quintessential radio presenter, praised for her ability to present hard facts, boldly and with the courage that listeners are looking for. I May have referred to her as the “radio queen,” but how much do you know about her?

It is a new era in Kenya’s radio industry, and the pioneers that set the pace and created ideal precedence like Caroline are probably watching in utter amazement. Before the revolutionary social media platforms became the dominant gossiping space, her show was the most-favoured for the most controversial topics. The trend still holds, but Caroline’s legacy as a radio presenter is undoubtedly incredible.

Caroline Mutoko Biography
Caroline Mutoko Biography

Today, Caroline still partakes in her favorite trade – talking boldly to those who dare listen using numerous platforms. She is part of the media industry, in the background crew dictating the flow. Multiple people are not aware of her personal life other than what she shares in her talks. Do you want to find out more?

Caroline Mutoko Age

Are you wondering about Caroline Mutoko age? The famous personality hails from a humble background. She was born on January 4, 1973, to Mr. Chris and Mrs. Rose Mutoko. This means that as of 2020, Caroline is 47 years old. Caroline has three siblings, two sisters and a brother.

Caroline’s parents set an excellent example for their children as they are still married to date, keeping things stable. When she was young, Caroline was mostly under the care of her parents, who had a steady source of income and managed to take their daughter through proper schooling while instilling appropriate values. Probably, that is why she matured to be an outspoken personality and an inspirational talker.

Caroline Mutoko Biography
Caroline Mutoko


When Caroline was young, she wanted to become a teacher because of her motivation to impart skills that would enable her students to become better in life and fight poverty. Her ideal education moulded her into an even more amazing person, surpassing her childish dreams to achieve more in life.

Caroline Mutoko attended Loreto Convent Valley Road High School, one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Kenya. Here, she attained her high secondary school certificate. Later, Caroline was admitted to the University of Nairobi to study Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology.

Mutoko is also a graduate of Strathmore University where she pursued a Women Emerging Leaders course. Caroline has incredible academic accolades that she sought to expand her knowledge for a prosperous career. This way, she attended Harvard Business School and UCLA Anderson School of Management, whereby she studied various courses.


Before Caroline Mutoko’s salary became the talk of numerous tabloids and the Twitter fraternity, she had done some odd jobs, some even not paying her a single cent. Her mother instilled in her, from a very young age the relevance of hard work.

At 17 years old, shortly after completing her secondary school studies, Caroline Mutoko got a job as a messenger. Although it was a strange occupation for the renowned media personality, it prevented her from the evils of society that would have easily disoriented her from her career path. She later joined the University of Nairobi for further studies.

While at the University of Nairobi, Caroline Mutoko worked as a waitress to make ends meet. She even worked as a model and a bank teller. Caroline began her radio career at Capital FM, where she was working for only seven days a week.

At the radio station, Caroline was not entitled to any remuneration, but she was earning excellent life skills that molded her to become a renowned radio presenter.

Caroline Mutoko Biography
Caroline Mutoko Biography

Luckily, and from her hard work, Caroline secured a job at Kiss 100 FM, a stationed owned by Radio Africa. Many people would remember her morning show at the station that she hosted with Walter Mong’ are, aka Nyambane.

They brought the much-needed transition in morning radio using a technique that wasn’t ordinary at the time. With such a change, her show’s popularity increased, and her career skyrocketed.

Caroline has had the opportunity to chair the Kenya Tourist Development Authority and is actively involved as an activist of civil rights. Today, Caroline Mutoko has more than ten years’ experience in the media industry and is the marketing manager of the Radio Africa Group. She has been part of numerous remarkable projects at the company and is still a significant influence in the media industry.

Other ventures

Caroline Mutoko is a great motivational speaker and is interested in moving another age of media experts and storytellers in the country. This, among other interests, mostly inclined towards improving the welfare of women has pushed her to partake in other ventures.

She has a YouTube Channel with a significant following whereby she posts videos that tackle different subjects. Additionally, she uses other media platforms to advice women and youths on various topics.

Caroline Mutoko Biography
Caroline Mutoko

On top of these, Caroline Mutoko is a corporate MC and has handled different brand endorsements. She uses her social media platforms for advertising for the different brands that give her business.

Caroline is also a real estate investor, and numerous sources have claimed that she owns properties in Kintengela, Nayuni Rongai and many other places. If you were looking for Caroline Mutoko’s house, these properties are a great starting point.

Caroline Mutoko’s husband

Is Caroline Mutoko married? Many people have been wondering if the famous media personality is married. She is quite outspoken and a renowned feminist, but she rarely talks about her family. If you’re wondering, Caroline Mutoko is not yet married.

However, if you were wondering about Caroline Mutoko’s children, you will be glad to know that she is a single mother of two. A son and daughter. Her daughter goes by the name Theodora Nduku. She was adopted at eight months old and joined the family on August 26, 2011. She has however kept the lid tight on details about her son.

Caroline Mutoko Biography
Caroline Mutoko’s son

Caroline Mutoko Salary

How much does Caroline earn? Indeed, being a host of a famous morning radio show is an immense responsibility that attracts a hefty salary. And transitioning to an even more prominent position within the same organization with such a background is certainly worth increasing a person’s value.

It is hard knowing Caroline’s exact salary, but she certainly earns enough to enjoy the highflying lifestyle. Majority of her earnings come from the commissions she gets because of her hard work.

Caroline Mutoko has enjoyed a lucrative career in the media industry, and now, she is one of the most renowned media big-wigs with massive influence. She has had a humble beginning, and through hard work and determination, she managed to build a fantastic legacy.

Caroline Mutoko’s claim that men’s behaviors were responsible for their high rate of COVID-19 infections. According to her, the virus is spreading too fast among men because of their poor hygiene.

Caroline Mutoko Biography
Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko received massive backlash from the online community for her sentiments, many challenging her statement. Others even went further to claim that her comments were ill-intentioned and that she was attacking men for the wrong reasons.

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