More Cabinet Secretaries To Go Home: List Of Who Might Be Axed Following Uhuru’s Compulsory Leave.

Cabinet Secretaries

On Saturday 15th, President Kenyatta sent the entire Cabinet Secretaries on a compulsory 19 day leave. This has raised some speculations on why The President would do So in the middle of a pandemic.

Over the past few months, Cabinet Secretaries have been on a dilemma as to whether they would be axed after Jubilee Purges that seem to have to target Deputy President William Ruto allies.

Among the People who were Dismissed from Government Powerful Positions are; Hon Kipchumba Murkomen Who was the leader Of Majority of Senate for a record of 8years, Hon Aden Duale Who was the National Assembly Majority and Some Members of Parliament who were holding positions in Various House Committees.

This Purges mainly targeted Members allied to Deputy President William Ruto. Also, there has been a speculation on Some Cabinet Secretaries reshuffle.

Cabinet Secretaries Who Might Be Axed

1. Charles Keter- Cs Energy

The Soft-spoken Hon Keter Might not make it back after leaving. Over a long period of Time, Keter has been trying his best to avoid Politics. However his relationship with Deputy President William Ruto might cost him his job, He was Kericho Senator before being appointed to Cabinet Secretaries Position.

Cabinet Secretaries Who Might Be Axed

2. Simon Chelugui – Labour and Social Services

The betting Boss, Who is also the Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Services might also be axed. On July 10th Hon Chelugui was put on the spot by EACC over water Contracts.

According to Star Of July 10, A company formerly associated with Cs Chelugui could have benefited from Tenders in the Ministry of Water where he was Previously in Charge. Cs Chelugui However Denied being associated with The company. This also might play a big role in his dismissal.

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More Cabinet Secretaries To Go Home: List Of Who Might Be Axed Following Uhuru's Compulsory Leave. 1

3. Faridah Karoney – Lands And Physical Planning

In February, The Law Society of Kenya, wanted Parliament to investigate the Lands Cs Farida Karoney, over allegations of Land Mismanagement. According to the Daily Nation of Feb 3rd, 2020, it mentioned that the land Registry had many cases including wrong stamps and missing records. This might also play a big role in his dismissal. 

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