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Mr. Kiprop Bundotich is the founder of Buzeki Group of Companies, an amalgamation of companies incepted in 1999. His sharp business acumen, self-drive, and compounded by a goal-getter mentality, has greatly been utilized to provide a solid foundation for the Group’s ventures.

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Group Executive Director & Founder Buzeki Group of Companies

Mr. Kiprop Bundotich is the Executive Director and founder of Buzeki Group of Companies, a major business conglomerate in Kenya.

Mr. Bundotich, the self-motivated and resourceful entrepreneur with sharp business acumen, has developed the Buzeki business group to emerge as a major player in the Logistics and heavy commercial transportation industry in East Africa.

He has an immense wealth of experience spanning more than 14 years in the transport logistics and dairy industry which has been effectively utilized to provide a solid foundation for all the Buzeki Group’s ventures.

He started his career as the Regional Dairy Sales Manager for Kilifi Plantations being the head of an aggressive sales team and ensured successful milk sales volumes in Coast Province under the brand Kilifi Gold.

Later on he pioneered the introduction of Tuzo Milk and made it the largest milk brand in Coast Province.

Mr. Bundotich diversified into the transport and logistics business under Buzeki Enterprises Limited and managed to get contracts with corporate institutions like Bamburi Cement Limited, UN-WFP, East Africa Port Land Cement, etc.

The success of Buzeki Enterprises led Mr. Bundotich to establish the Dairy division of Mr. Bundotich. The dairy division acquired its first milk factory in coast province under the brand name “New KilifiGold”.

A second plant was acquired in Mau Summit under the brand name “Molo Milk”. The dairy division acquired the third plant under the brand “Limuru Dairy” in Kiambu.

As the Executive Director of the Buzeki Group, Mr. Bundotich oversees all the overall strategic policies and operations of the group.

He plays a chief role in providing strategic direction for the group, initiating infrastructure planning, and strategizing for contract acquisitions. He also actively involves himself in customer relationship building and networking on behalf of the group.

Under his dynamic leadership, Buzeki Group has emerged as a leading customer-focused organization and has been motivated to undertake massive efforts to expand operations to various sectors of the economy to respond to the ever-growing needs in the Transport & Logistics, Dairy, Oil, Motor-Vehicle & Cement Sectors.

BUZEKI Biography

Group Portfolio.

Buzeki Group comprises of the following active limited companies:

Company Description.

  • Buzeki Enterprises Limited-Transport Solutions Provider.
  • Buzeki Dairy Limited-Milk Processing & Distribution.
  • Bunoil Limited-Fuel & Oil Dealership.
  • Koima Motors Limited -Sale of Heavy Vehicles & Spare Parts.
  • Transtruckers Logistics Group Limited-General Supplies Sourcing & Distribution.
  • Buzeki Insurance Limited-Insurance Agency.
  • Buzeki Fleet System Management Limited- GPS Fleet Tracking Service Provider.


  1. Having excellent creativity and innovation to new and unique ways of progress and creation of new opportunities. Astute negotiator.

2. Incubating and conceptualizing new ideas. Having more than 14 years of experience in the field of transport and dairy industry.

3. Dynamic entrepreneur utilizing creativity, leadership and teamwork to achieve results. Proficient strong skills of management and organization.

4. Effective communication and writing skills. The ability of independent judgment.

5. Excellent networking and interactive skills. Strategic thinker and able to make clear timely decisions based on importance, urgency, risks and in the best interests of the organization. Adaptable and flexible to new changes, ideas and strategies.

6. Upholds ethical best business practices, environment and behavior.

7. Having excellent creativity and innovation to new and unique ways of progress and creation of new opportunities.

8. IT Savvy and Computer Literate.


  • Fellow Member, The Society of Sales & Marketing (FMSS) – the United Kingdom in 2010.
  • Achieved Best road safety award in Road Transport (2008, 2011, 2012)
  • Awarded by the president Order of the Golden Warrior(OGW). 2016.

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