Recruitment Agencies In Kenya You Can Use To Get A Job.

Recruitment Agencies In Kenya

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesA big number of organisations nowadays use recruitment agencies to fill up open vacancies in their organisations. The reasons most companies are using Recruitment Agencies In Kenya are because they are more convenient and efficient and they also make the hiring process quick. Clearly, as a Kenyan job seeker, you are at a great disadvantage if you are not in touch with the various recruitment agencies in Kenya. So How Do Most Recruitment Agencies In Kenya Work? Recruitment agencies advertise jobs for the employers and then shortlist suitable candidates…

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Top 13 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya in 2020.

Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

TweetShareSharePin22 SharesBest Paying Jobs in Kenya: If you are one of the students who are planning to join college or university in Kenya, you need to make a concrete decision on the career to pursue. Choosing a career to pursue in life is one of the challenging things you can do. This is why one should always consider the job market and passion for in the career one want to do because we have heard of scenarios where the person is forced by the parents to pursue a course is…

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Top 7 Worst Paying Jobs In Kenya 2020.

Worst Paying Jobs in Kenya.

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesGetting a high-paying job is usually the top priority for everyone and that is why we see many Kenyan students aspiring for diplomas and degrees in marketable courses. However as poor circumstances are meant to surface, Kenya still has a number of worst-paying jobs and many of the professionals in these jobs claim they get peanuts in return for their vigorous efforts. A good instance is the protest staged by Kenyan teachers demanding that the government should increase their salaries. WORST PAYING JOBS IN KENYA In reality, it is…

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The Best Places To Buy Goods Cheaply In Nairobi.

Places To Buy Goods Cheaply In Nairobi

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIn contrast to retail, one of the reasons why you need to understand wholesale prices is money. It’s an established fact that if you accept bulk sales, you’ll be saving more money. How you shop for the item will ensure that you get the best deals, depending on the need; private or resale. These are the place you can purchase a pool good at wholesale in Nairobi Wholesales Clothes Nairobi is a very lively city but not one of Africa’s cheapest to live in. In Nairobi, life is very…

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Information From HELB To Both New And Continuing University Students Having Problems With The System.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesHigher Education Loans Board(HELB) normally provides students with loans to enable them to complete school fees and also for upkeep. This initiative started a long time ago and many people have benefited from it until the end of their stay at the University. Application for HELB Loan is normally put open for each and every student who is willing to apply. During the month of March when all the tertiary learning institutions were closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, most students were still unable to apply for their…

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Two People Bob Collymore Authorised to Manage his Billions When he Dies Disclosed.

Bob Collymore

TweetShare97SharePin299 SharesIt has been revealed that Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the leading telecommunications network service provider Safaricom in Kenya Bob Collymore left a vast estate worth billions of money. According to a special publication by the Standard newspaper on Wednesday, it has been revealed that the late Collymore left his billions of money under the management of two very special people. One of them and under whom all the Billions were left is his wife Wambui Collymore according to his will whom he noted that all the wealth…

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What You Need to Start A Mpesa Agent Business.

Start A Mpesa Agent Business.

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesMpesa Agents are booming all over the country because of the amazing commission one gets from the numerous transactions. Mpesa is powered by Safaricom and has seen the livelihood of most Kenyans going a notch higher because of the creation of employment through Mpesa Agents. One needs to visit a Safaricom shop to be registered as an Mpesa Agent. The company details will be required and the minimum amount of float one can have is KES 100,000 The company must be registered and be operational for at least 6…

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Prepare for a Long Friday Blackout Which will Affect These Parts of the Country.

Friday Blackout

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesA number of areas will tomorrow Friday, 11th of September be facing a long electricity interruption. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company have been giving the daily blackout notices which help those who run businesses to brace themselves for the long hours of Electricity Shutdown. The blackout is expected to affect the following areas: Parts of the Nairobi Region (part of General Waruingi). This area shall be facing the electricity interruption from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. The outage will affect the following places in the named area: Muratina…

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G4S Security Full Name, Country Of Origin, Founder, Current Jobs, Owner And Scandals

G4S Security

TweetShare13SharePin518 SharesIf you ever gave “Group 4 Security” as one of your guesses after being asked what G4S Security stands for in full somewhere in your teen years like me, know that your guess wasn’t that far from the real meaning behind those 3 characters. Long before it became officially registered as G4S the way we know it today, this global security company had morphed throughout its history of existence through mergers and acquisitions until at one point being called Group 4 Securicor that was the basis of its current…

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How I Reap Big From Spinach Farming In Kenya 2020

Spinach Farming

TweetShareSharePin33 SharesSpinach Farming is among the most profitable vegetables grown in Kenya due to its nutritional and health benefits. Daniel Karaini has been growing vegetables since he quit his job in 2017. Partnering with his wife, they grew different varieties of vegetables on half an acre piece of land. Per year they can make about Sh65000 profit from the crops. “I grow cabbage and spinach farming while my wife deals with the indigenous types of vegetables such as African Nightshade ‘Managu’, Amaranth ‘Terere’ and different Cucumis plants,” he told Farmers.…

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