Brian Kibet Basic Safety Precautions Against COVID-19 to Residents of Kahawa Wendani Ward.


The outspoken Kahawa wendani ward unveiled his basic safety precautions against coronavirus on Saturday in an event that was colorful.

His supporters helped him in the contribution of more than 150 reflectors, sanitizers, smart cards and t-shirt are written #SpannerKazaDhidiYaCorona.
The locals were taught the precautions and importance of prevention.

Below are some of the safety precautions in the smart cards;

👉 Avoid physical handshakes which may lead to the spread of the virus.

👉 Regularly & thoroughly clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub on running water.

👉 Always sanitize your hands before and after visiting public places.

👉 Maintain social distance between yourself & anyone sneezing, cough with your elbow.

👉 Avoid sharing household items like dishes, drinking glasses & eating utensils.

NOTE: If you develop fever, cough & difficulty breathing, seek medical advice.
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