Next On Ringo: Brenda Is Kidnapped By Diego, Diego Asks Bruno To Take Brenda And Make Her Disappear


Brenda calls Diego to tell him that he is going to revoke her consent to give him authority. When he asks why she tells him that she made a mistake. She was focused on getting money and he took advantage of her…and put her against her family. She then asks him to call the notary so that they can sign what is necessary.

Julia tells Alejo that Brenda has expressed that she is going to revoke the control she gave to Diego. Alejo shares about his talk with Brenda as Ringo, Max, and Eva listen. When Alejo comments that Brenda is affected by Manuel’s death, Eva doesn’t believe since Brenda never liked her father. Teresa then arrives and hugs Eva as she gives her condolences.

Diego asks Bruno to take Brenda and make her disappear. Bruno asks for 1 million pesos, which Diego agrees without much hesitation. Diego then calls Brenda and tells her that Bruno will go pick her up to bring her to the company so that she can sign the document.

Gloria arrives and gives her boss the briefcase of money. He hands her a bundle of money; and she smiles wide as she thanks him.

Eva asks the group if Manuel ever told them where he would like to have his ashes spread. Ringo remembers that Manuel always wanted to go to Paris…it was on his bucket list. Max then suggests that they take the ashes to Paris. Eva and he can go to their honeymoon in Paris and spread the ashes there. After Eva thanks everyone for being there with her, she leaves.

Luchis calls Guachin and tells him that she is going to go meet with him…and she is taking her lawyer so that he can give him the divorce papers.

Bruno and some other goon pick up Brenda. As they drive, Brenda realizes that they are not taking her to the company. She orders him to stop so that she can get out, but Bruno tells her that he is only following orders. Brenda panics and starts pushing Bruno as she tells him that she won’t go anywhere with them, so Bruno pulls out his gun and tells a wide-eyed Brenda to calm down or he’ll shoot her right then and there!

Gloria calls Ringo to tell him that she is back and is picking up Santi. Later, she calls Ringo back since Santi told her about Manuel. Gloria wants to go see Ringo so that they can both to talk to Santi who is very sad…they can console each other as a family.

Ringo bluntly reminds her that they are not a family and chides her for trying to take advantage of Manuel’s death and Santi’s sadness in an attempt to pressure him. After he hangs up, Gloria looks like the loser she is.

Julia is at home and wonders where Brenda is, so Elsa tells her that she went for a jog, but hasn’t returned. Julia tries calling Brenda, but she doesn’t answer.

Somewhere in the woods, Bruno orders Brenda to get out of the car. When she refuses, he grabs her by the hair and pulls her out as she cries out for help. After Bruno releases her, Brenda runs from him in a panic and still yelling out for help.

Meanwhile, Bruno raises his gun, aims…and shoots. Bruno goes over and drags her to the edge of the hill and pushes her down to the ravine with his foot.

At the club, Luchis arrives with her lawyer. She starts dissing Guachin because he promised he would give her everything she wanted, but Guachin refuse to spend his money on frivolous things. Guachin tells her he will sign the divorce papers, but when he sees that she wants half of his money and alimony he refuses…he ain’t no dummy!

Bruno calls Diego and tells him that Brenda is dead and there is no way she can be found.

Oso talks to Rosa and tells her that a therapist will come work with her the next day to help her regain the strength in her arms. When Rosa asks about her work at the cafeteria, Oso tells her not to worry about that since her health is more important right now.

Julia calls Leticia to ask if Brenda has been to see her, but Nopis. Julia wonders where Brenda could have gone. She calls Sandra to ask for Brenda, but Sandra hasn’t seen her…and Diego left to see the notary.

The Oso clan brainstorms about who Guachin could talk to for help with the divorce. Rosa suggests Max or Alejo.

Diego arrives at the notary and pretends to be there for a meeting that Brenda set up. He doesn’t know what the meeting is about.

Guachin tells Cachito about getting a divorce. Max is not there, so Alejo volunteers to help him. Alejo looks over the document and tells Guachin that Luchis has no right to anything he had before they got married. Guachin smiles wide and appreciates Alejo’s free advice.

Diego continues his Janus-faced performance and calls Julia to tell her that he is waiting for Brenda at the notary. Julia avoids telling him that Brenda can’t be found. After Julia hangs up, Elsa comments that when Brenda goes jogging she sometimes stops somewhere to look around, but Julia still feels something is amiss.

At Turco’s house, Santi insists that he wants to go see Eva. Gloria thinks he has become very stubborn and tells him that he isn’t even friends with Eva. When Santi complains that he doesn’t want to live there, Gloria barks that they need to continue pressuring his father so that they can be a family again.

Julia arrives at Alejo’s office and tells him that she can’t find Brenda anywhere. When Alejo asks if Diego knew that she would be revoking is authority Julia thinks that he does, but Diego feigned ignorance. When Alejo suggests that Brenda may have changed her mind, Julia comments that Brenda was very set on revoking the authority, but Alejo reminds her that Brenda has been very set on doing several things, and doesn’t follow through.

Out in the woods, Brenda’s phone is on the ground and rings; Alejo leaves her a message.

In his office, Oso tells Rafa that Gonzales has called him and is interested in him. Gonzales offered to set up a match so that Rafa can fight Osvaldo in 3 months.

Julia returns home only to find that Elsa hasn’t heard anything from Brenda; so, Julia calls Ringo and tells him that she is worried that something may have happened to Brenda.

Gloria gets a call from her slimy boss; he needs to see her the next morning. When Gloria goes looking for Santi, she can’t find him anywhere

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