Next On Ringo: Brenda is at Shop…Lifting some Jewelry, She is Caught and Jailed.


Brenda is at shop…lifting some jewelry when she is caught. She denies it and uses her very important name and warning them that her husband is an attorney. The security guards arrive and the salesman pulls out some merchandise that Brenda lifted.

Oso calls Guevara into his office and asks why he hadn’t told him about losing his sight. When Oso urges him to get the surgery, Guevara tells him that he has no money.

Oso chides him for only thinking about what people will think when they find out he has no money. Oso doesn’t know where they will get the money, but Guevara will get his surgery…gawd dern it!!

Manuel goes in to see Alejo and asks what is wrong…he should be elated that he won. When Alejo shares that Brenda was never pregnant, Manuel advises him that he needs to prepare for what’s coming.

Alejo wonders what could come next; he shouldn’t have married Brenda…his life is hell. Manuel advises that if getting separated is the solutions, then Alejo needs to do that…the important thing is that Alejo feels well.

Just then Alejo gets the call about Brenda so he rushes off to the police station. Guevara goes to see Susana. He appreciates that she worries about him, but there is a very good reason for his refusal of the surgery.

He is not who she thinks he is. At one time he had a lot of money, but he blew it all on cars, women and other luxuries. He has no money; and he lied because he didn’t want anyone’s pity, especially hers.

Susana appreciates his honesty and gives him a hug reassuring him that they will find a way to deal with this.Luchis kisses up to Guachin When she asks him for some money, he tells her that they need to be frugal.

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When she reminds him that he told her he would give her everything she wanted, Guachin hands her 300 pesos…which Luchis scoffs at but quickly puts in her bra. Alejo arrives at the police station. When he is told of the charges, Alejo can’t believe it and asks to talk to Brenda.

When Brenda sees him, she denies taking anything…someone set Brenda up! The owner must be envious of her. After Alejo demands that she tell him the truth, Brenda cries that he has to believe her because she is his wife!

Alejo explains that the charges against her are very serious; he will see what he can do to keep them from processing her and sending her to the big house. Susana calls Ignacio to tell him why Guevara is so hesitant about getting the surgery.

When she asks what he can do to help Ignacio offers to waive his charges, but he can’t do anything about the hospital charges which will be costly. Susana wonders where they will get so much money.

Julia goes to see Ringo apologize for not believing in him. She knows it’s a lot to ask that he forgive her, but she hopes he does. Ringo tells her that her distrust her him a lot.

He had never loved a woman as much as he loved her. but he had never suffered as much as he did with her. He thinks that they will only hurt each other. He can forgive her, but that does not diminish his disappointment that she did not trust him.

Julia Brenda

He doesn’t know is he can trust her again because it may happen again. Julia is hurt by his words. Ringo was also hurt by her words and he has spent a lot of time trying to get over it. When she mentions Gloria, Ringo assures her that Gloria has never been their problem.

He then tells her that he will fulfill his contract with her father; when it terminates, then they will see what happens. Before leaving Ringo, Julia’s eyes tear up as she tells him that she is very sorry.


Julia goes to see Ringo at his house but is greeted by Gloria who chides her for being so insistent. Gloria tells Julia to give it up because Ringo is now with her, but Julia ain’t backing down and reminds Gloria that she is only there because she has nowhere to live and because she is Santi’s mother.

Gloria points out that after all is said and done, she is there…and no one is going to take what’s hers. Julia tries to push her way in, but Gloria is stronger and pushes her out and closes the door.

In the dressing, Guachin finds Guevara in tears. When Guachin asks what’s wrong, Guevara rudely tells him to leave him alone, but then apologizes and confesses that he is feeling bad because he is going blind; if he doesn’t get an operation he will go blind…it makes him furious!

Julia talks to Eva in her office about finding out that Diego was stealing from the company and her father finding out. Eva has never trusted Diego but didn’t say anything because he is Julia’s husband.

Julia regrets no listening to everyone who tried to ward her about Diego. Julia then shares about Isabel’s suspicions and how they will try to get evidence to throw Diego in jail.

When she mentions that Ringo always tried to tell her about, Eva wonders if Ringo already knows; so, Julia admits the he does know, but is very hurt that she did not believe in him. She asked Ringo to forgive her, but he is very hurt.

Eva asks if Julia still loves Ringo. When Julia assures her that she does love him, Eva encourages to fight for him…Julia is very stubborn about so many things; she should be as stubborn about getting Ringo back.

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Julia should be as insistent as Ringo was when he never left her side despite her rejection. When Eva feels nauseous, she tells Julia that she is pregnant. Alejo tries to convince the shop manager to drop the charges on Brenda, but she refuses.

Oso takes Rosa to see the club gang. As she sees each one, she remembers who they are. Rosa asks to get to work so Teresa agrees as long as Rosa takes it easy and goes to rest if she feels too tired.

tells Brenda that the store manager refused to drop the charges, Brenda has one of her fits and demands that she be released so that she can go convince the stupid manager to drop the charges! Alejo tries to calm her down, but it’s like he added fuel to fire.

Brenda turns on him and tells him to SHUT UP! After he tells her that she needs to face the consequences of her actions, he hands her some sandwiches, but she freaks out and throws them at him as he walks away.

Guachin runs into the cafeteria and is very happy to see Rosa. When Guachin mentions what Carrizo did and what he is saying, Rosa looks confused since she thought Carrizo was a good guy.

After Guachin explains that that is why Oso was so upset and that she shouldn’t be so trusting of Carrizo, she remembers her fight with Oso. Alejo calls Manuel to ask for his help by calling Mirta to see how she can intervene and get Brenda out of jail.

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