Why Many Kenyans Strongly Believe Hon Boni Khalwale Is The Only Luhya Kingpin.

Boni Khalwale

I salute Hon Boni Khalwale for many reasons. I have seen him distributing foodstuffs and mattresses to the people affected by floods in the Mulembe nation.

A kingpin is not installed, to become a kingpin is not moving from one house in Mulembe nation to the other dishing out stolen money to the self-proclaimed Luhya elders.

Kingpiniship is protecting, being loyal, and fighting for our people all the time when their interest is at stake. I have never seen among the self-proclaimed Luhya kingpins anyone who has championed for Mulembe nation than Boni Khalwale.

Be it Mudavadi, Wetangula, Oparanya, or Eugene Wamalwa. You can only call them kingpins because they have looted enough money to call themselves kingpins? What have they done in the Mulembe nation?

I have seen him protecting Mulembe nation from being misled by Raila Odinga during BBI rally at Bukhungu stadium he was in Mumias Nabongo ground articulating issues of sugar cane farmers in Mulembe nation.

I sow him fighting looter Kidero in Nairobi alone for looting ailing Mulembe nation Mumias sugar company. It is yesterday I sow him distributing foodstuffs to the people of Shinyalu constituency airstrip Ibwichina after Oparanya and Eugin Wamalwa decided not to give them food but take the food to the people of Budalang’ i and Homabay, Boni Khalwale was arrested on that day alone.

What I know Luhya’s notion has no kingpin, the field is still open to both Khalwale, Oparanya Mudavadi, and ailing Wetangula. There is no way a few looters in Mulembe nation can call themselves kingpins because they have stolen wealth using the name of Mulembe nation.

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They have to show us their efforts in Mulembe nation. Mudavadi, Wetangula, and Oparanya have never attended the burial of Bodaboda operators in Luhya nation, they are only seen when their fellow rich people have funerals.

Do they understand the poverty index in mulembe nation?

It does not mean because Oparanya has looted Kakamega county for ten years it guarantees him a chance to call himself kingpin by dishing out one thousand Bob in the name he is campaigning for Luhya kingpin.

Oparanya who told u that after being governor for ten years the next promotion is to be Luhya kingpin? Let’s all mourn our Wamalwa Kijana and Martin Shikuku who died poor in Mulembe nation but fighting for the people of mulembe nation.

Boni Khalwale

Sometimes when looters call Boni Khalwale poor I feel happy because shikuku and Wamalwa kijana died without wealth because they never looted and auctioned the pple of Mulembe nation.

Shikuku owns nothing in Kakamega town. Wamalwa owns nothing in Bungoma town You can not hear of their families today but they were Wamalwa and Shikuku RIP but give mulembe nation direction.

Mudavadi and ailing Wetangula auctioned mulembe nation to former President Moi in 2002 when Wamalwa Kijana was fighting for change in Kenya.That is why Wamalwa has NO to Mudavadi and ailing Wetangula.

Oparanya has looted Kakamega county he deserves no other position in Kenya but Kamiti material after ten years of looting. Eugine Wamalwa I don’t even know him in Luhyas history.

If there is good move Hon Boni Khalwale has made since he joined politics is joining William Ruto. Because Hon Mudavadi and ailing Wetangula have not moved from their bedrooms since the 2017 general election to date.

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When u want to tell Boni Khalwale is wrong because he is working with William Ruto then u have also to tell Raila Odinga he is wrong because he is working with Uhuru Kenyatta.

A kingpin u lead by giving directions to the people not calling closed doors meetings like oparanya . Not calling deligations like Mudavadi and ailing Wetangula.

The time is coming after 2022 general elections, Luhya kingpin will emerge without campaigns and installation. Hon. Boni Khalwale remains the answer to mulembe nation Kingpiniship.

By, Michael Amalemba

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