“TangaTanga Watwangwa” What Boni Khalwale Did After he Failed to Pour Water on Police Boss

Boni Khalwale

Former Ikolomani Member of Parliament Boni Khalwale was on Saturday a trending topic when he attempted to pour water on Hamis OCPD.

Khalwale was captured on camera throwing a bucket full of water at the police officer who tried to stop him from reaching where he was heading.

According to Boni Khalwale, police officers lobbed teargas at them while they attending the funeral ceremony at Mr. Charles Gimose’s home.

He noted that one of the teargas canisters had set the house on fire which forced them into actions to put it out.

However, the officers stopped him from accessing the alleged house that was on fire, which triggered him to throw a bucket of water at the officer before taking off.

“Yes. The police threw a teargas canister into Hon Gimose’s house whereupon it landed on the bed, instantly setting it on fire. When we rushed to firefight! The rest is history,” Boni Khalwale explained what had happened.

Another video has emerged which showed where Khalwae went after his cat-and-rat chase with the police.

From the video by the Standard, Boni Khalwale directly headed to his home in Malinya.

He was then captured on a zoomed camera, mowing the grass in his compound using a lawnmower.

He noted that he was minding his business by mowing the grass.

“Minding my own garden,” Boni Khalwale tweeted.

Many Kenyans and leaders have criticized the police and the government at large for what they are doing to leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

The act on Khalwale has been perceived to be frustrating DP Ruto’s supporters

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