Why BOM Teachers Should Just Forget Their Promised Money.

BOM Teachers

BOM teachers are just one of the groups of Kenyans who are really suffering. The coronavirus pandemic has reduced them into nothing with many of them forced to even engage themselves in unlawful activities in order to cope up with their daily basic needs.

Things have not been good since the schools closed and they don’t look to be good anytime soon although there was a moment they lived in a dream. That was when the government announced that it has released money for their payments.

CAS Zack Kinuthia was vocal at first, looking to be more of a Savior to the desperate BOM Teachers but has since been going down quietly together with his cs George Magoha. Many of the BOM Teachers have tried to raise their voices but all in vain.

Things are in a 50-50 situation but it won’t be a big surprise for the teachers to find out that their money had gone the KEMSA way. NYS money just disappeared this way and other big-money scandals in the country just begin this way.

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