Blogger Edgar Obare Finally Reveals Scarcely Details About His kidnapping ordeal.

Blogger Edgar Obare

Blogger Edgar Obare was allegedly kidnapped outside Kiambu Law Courts on Monday as he attended a mention of a case against YouTube sensation Natalie Tewa.

According to Blogger Edgar Obare, the mention was supposed to happen virtually but was later said he had to appear physically.

Upon reaching the precincts of the court, he was approached by three plain clothed men who he believes were policemen.

They took him into a waiting car without telling him why they were taking him.

In the car, he was handcuffed and a hood put over his head. Blogger Edgar Obare remembered them asking for him to unlock his phone, a request he declined.

They drove for a while when they suddenly stopped. At this point, Blogger Edgar Obare says, the alleged officers changed the car’s number plates.

Blogger Edgar Obare
Blogger Edgar Obare

Now on Thika Road, the Blogger Edgar Obare is known for exposing cheating spouses said they pulled up to a blue gate with the words “School” painted over it.

Here, they changed cars as they waited to receive orders from an unidentified person.

As he chatted with the driver, who he says was more friendly, he learnt that there were plans to add extra charges.

Peeking through his mask, he noticed AK-47 rifles.

Back in the car, the men kept on questioning him about the nature of his work. He refused to answer their questions, something that enraged them.

With his hands tied behind his back with a rope, the men started raining blows on his abdomen.

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Blogger Edgar Obare
Blogger Edgar Obare

Blogger Edgar Obare remembered water being fed to him but it allegedly tasted funny. It was at this point he believes he had been drugged.

Shortly after, the men stripped him to his underwear and took pictures of his manhood. They then threw him out of the car, still tied up, into a thorny bush.

Blogger Edgar Obare managed to break free. He was taken in by a good Samaritan who fed and clothed him before sending him on his way.

He took a taxi back to Nairobi and is doing fine.

News of his alleged kidnapping broke on Monday through his fellow blogger Xtian Dela.

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