How To Calculate The Number Of Blocks Needed For Your Fence Project Measuring 100ft By 60ft.


Blocks: Based on my Love for Engineering, I have come to understand that it would not always be possible to contact a professional engineer when the need arises.

This is so because there are some standards required by the professional that might be kicked at by the society or even the client and this is why most clients out of their strong hotheadedness, fall into the hands of wasters and criminals who would stop at nothing but suck your pocket till you’re left with nothing all in the name of constructing or working on your site as a supervisor or Engineer.

Because of this, I am going to talk about how you can calculate the number of blocks required for a fence project but before that, I am going to assume we know nothing about a fence.

Assuming we know nothing about a fence, i am going to define a fence as a barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to prevent or control access or escape.

The fence could be constructed of wood, bricks, block, barbed wires, etc. For this post, I would use the Block fence as a case study as this is the most prevalent type if fence structure around me.

Yes that is the definition of a fence and i hope you understood it.

When Do I Need A Fence Around My Project?

An Empty land, even when it is yet to be constructed needs to be fenced, this is because according to the definition, a fence would provide controlled access in and out of the property (Land). Here in Nigeria, Landed properties especially those located along major roads are usually targeted by Property hijackers who would stop at nothing to make sure they hijack an empty parcel of land even though they’re quite aware of the fact that it is not theirs.

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And so therefore, it is important that you fence your property once you acquire one to prevent these touts from hijacking yours.

That’s Enough for the intro.

Now lets talk about the subject matter: How To Calculate the Number of Blocks Needed for a fence Project.

I am going to use a plot of land measuring 100ft X 60ft as a subject matter and so i will beg your undivided attention as i gradually develop this.

A Parcel of Land To Be Fenced

So we are using the plot measuring about 100ft X 60ft shown above as a case study. i am also going to use a 6″ Block as material

From this Post, You will get to know:

The number of bags of cement needed for this project,

Amount of sharp sand that will be required as well as the 

Number of trips of granite you’ll need

The simplest way to calculate the numbers of blocks you need for your fence project, assuming you are fencing a land measuring 100 feet by 60 ft, a standard plot 

This calculation is based on 6 inches blocks fence.

The measurement we are using is 100 ft (length) and since we have two lengths that is multiply by 2 which is 200 ft. (10 x 2) = 200

The breadth is 60 ft and also since we have 2 breadths that equal 120 ft (60 x 2) = 120 

Then (200 + 120) that is 320 feet perimeter line fencing.

The calculation 

(we are to convert this 320 feet to inches ) since a foot is 12 inches , now let us multiply 12 inches by 320 ft which is 3840 inches. 

Now to get the line numbers of blocks that will go around the fence perimeters of 3840 inches or 320 feet, we would need to divide 3840 by 18 inches, since the length of any block be it 6 inches or 9 inches is 18 inches.

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Now 3840 inches divide by 18 inches is approximately 214 line of blocks , then we must multiply that by the numbers of coaches of blocks you want for your height, assuming 7 ft which is 9 coaches that means 214 multiply by 9 which is 1926 blocks and that is all you need anything aside from this is fake and fraud.

This calculation is derived by meprofessionally and i have been using it without any mistake, but always remember to add 10 % of blocks to it because of broken blocks, 

Therefore, 10/100 (1926) = 193 + 1926 = 2119

How Many Bags Of Cement Would Be Required To Bond The 2119 Blocks?

In our normal English we call the act of bonding Setting of block

By standard, it is required that a bag of cement be used for 70 blocks.

Therefore, for 2119 blocks, you’ll need 2119/70 = 30.2 bags of cement or approximately 31 bags of cement.

What About Pillars/Columns

Pillars enhance the strength of a Fence structure. Depending on the type and bearing capacity of the soil, Blocks could be used to construct pillars within a fence and also is the use of concrete.

When concrete is used, Reinforcement bars are to be Embedded and this is common in swampy areas or places where the strength of the soil is not enough to withstand the dead loads imposed by the blocks.


A Fence structure showing the Pillars

So if you were to use block pillars or columns, this is how to calculate the number of blocks required.

Normally, the standard requires that there should be a pillar after the 6th Block. This is highly dependent on the nature of the environment. 

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For instance, sites along major Roads would be better off with pillars after the 4th block. This is because being along a major road, Tankers, Lorries, Trucks and other heavy duty equipment with high axle loads use the road and their use of the road produces a lot of vibration which could affect the stability of the structure of not well designed.

For your pillars or columns between the fence, let assume 6 blocks far from the next pillar, that means 214 divided by 6 which is 36 pillars.

1 bag of cement to 4 pillars (Based on the fact that it is just a 6 course wall).

What this means since there are just 36 pillars and 1 bag of cement is required for 4 pillars, i would be using 36/4 which is equal to 9 bags of cement.

Now, 9 Bags of cement Plus the previous 31 bags = 40 bags of cement in total

NOTE: The specified 40 bags of cement does not include that required for foundation blinding.

I have done my part, You can also do your part by commenting below the challenges you encountered while doing this.

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