Black Out: Why Kenya and Uganda Were in Lights Darkness.

Black Out

The whole country is experiencing blackout caused by a system disturbance in the national grid caused by the high rains being experienced in the country at the moment.

The heavy downpour in the country has resulted to rise in water levels in water bodies in the country and this is now causing Kenya Power staff problems as was the case on Saturday morning.

Kenya Power has released a statement confirming that the disturbance has caused a blackout in the whole country but added that their engineers are working round the clock to ensure everything goes back to normal.

“We have lost power supply in the national grid due to a system disturbance which occurred on our transmission network at 5:49 a.m this morning. Our engineers are working to identify and address the hitch, towards restoring normal electricity supply,” read their statement in part.

Neighboring Uganda is also in blackout following the high water level being witnessed in Lake Victoria.

Black Out

 @MihrThakar Total power blackout in both Uganda and Kenya. THEY are attacking power grids one by one. The invasion has begun.

@koderoh Country wide blackout in Kenya and Uganda. Kenya power likes to surprise us. Or the monkeys are back? @KenyaPower_Care

@allan_mu_ Whatever M7 and Uhuru are planning in East Africa should be disclosed. We can’t have power black out in Kenya and Uganda

@LauraKaindi So both Kenya and Uganda have a nationwide blackout? Same monkeys ama?

@silva_kaz Is the simultaneous power blackout in both Kenya n Uganda b a case of hacked power systems?

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