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“7Yrs You And Your Wife Brainwashed Me,” Gladys Wanja Tells Bishop Allan Kiuna.

Bishop Allan Kiuna

Gladys Wanja, has taken to social media to expose Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev. Kathy Kiuna for brainwashing her for 7 long years.

Gladys Wanja, a former follower of Bishop Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna has come forward on social media to expose the celebrated couple in the ministry with a rather lengthy expose.

Gladys Wanja shared through Facebook alleging that she was brainwashed by the Bishop Allan Kiunas for seven good years by being threatened with hellfire and rapture and taken advantage of by getting asked to give out the little money that she used to get on her small business.

“7 good years you and your wife brainwashed me by threatening me with hellfire and Rapture…” Gladys Wanja wrote on Facebook in part.

“You told me you have anointing to change my financial life and all I can do is to sow a seed of my hard-earned money at your feet and watch your God bless me abundantly.” Grace Wanja continued.

"7Yrs You And Your Wife Brainwashed Me,” Gladys Wanja Tells Bishop Allan Kiuna.
Another Bishop Allan Kiuna follower

Gladys who seems to have left behind her belief in religion thanks to the ordeal that she went through for seven years in the Church has shared the details of how she was giving out the small money she was getting from her small business, sometimes even forgetting about herself.

“After giving Bishop Allan Kiuna small hawking penny all I harvested was a bucket of poverty and miserable life.” she went on. “I remembered walking 3km to attend church service on an empty stomach, I remember sleeping in people’s houses for lack of house rent and yet when I came to talk to one of your useless pastor all she told me was that I am still in the wilderness and after wilderness is over God will vindicate me.”

“I am glad I had to lock myself up for days somewhere and searched myself and luckily I was able to recover my senses… All the miserable life religion gave me today is now history, sometimes I slap myself just to know if am still the one who was that dumb and foolish.”

Gladys Wanja who was triggered by a post she shared on Facebook that was in reference to the Kiunas went on to say that she is happy that she has left the Church alive alleging that she knew a lot of friends who had died in the Church because of depression and frustration.

“I am happy that I came out of your church alive coz I had countless friends who died in your church due to depression and frustrations and you didn’t allow anyone to announce such deaths.”

Many people died in your Shrines but you kept it secret.” Gladys Wanja continued, adding, “Anyway, my thoughts will always be with those who can ask themselves questions about your wicked deeds.”

"7Yrs You And Your Wife Brainwashed Me,” Gladys Wanja Tells Bishop Allan Kiuna.
Bishop Allan Kiuna followers

Gladys Wanja who was dashing out some serious allegations said that she won’t mind with people coming to argue with her on her Facebook post about her tell-all post.

“You pretend to care so you can continue with your scamming business. Whoever will come here to argue with this Post I won’t mind him or her coz they are simply Goats!!!”

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