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Bien Kenya: What I Should Consider When Hiring a Company For My Web Design And SEO

Bien Kenya Web Design

Web Design And SEO: There are two important parts that we highly consider when creating a successful and profitable website.

We take our time to organize client’s products and services, spend money, and do enough research since we want it to be worthwhile.

Our Advice: If you are ready to take the step to create a business online then you must make sure that you do it right, otherwise it is time and money wasted.

The first part is ensuring that you find a web designer that will make your website attractive and interesting. The second is good search engine optimization.

1. Web Design

Website Design
Bien Kenya Website Design Package

Good Web Design is one of the most important parts of having a website. If you do not have a site that is attractive to visitors, then they will never visit it.

You can offer some of the most interesting information, newest products, best prices, and great service, but will not have any customers if they are not attracted to the site enough to look through what you have to offer.

Before you even start looking for a web designer research what you want your website to look like and portray. Look through the internet at companies that offer similar products or services, this will give you an idea of what your competition is offering, as well as the way they are presenting the products or services to visitors.

It is easy to see if they are successful, look through their popularity in the search engine.

2. Search Engine Optimization

The second step to success is having good search engine optimization. Once the web designed and live, you want to find an SEO company to help you ensure that it is highly ranked and has plenty of searchers reaching it.

It’s done through intensive research, tweaking of the website, and upkeep. Though many people opt to do their own SEO it is not preferable, why some guesswork while we have qualified companies like Bien Kenya who can do it for you at an affordable amount? 

This is because as a successful SEO company we have plenty of experience that will be able to offer you options of back-links, information, and research that you may not be able to find on your own.

It does add to your costs, however, the payoff is definitely worth it. Imagine browsing in a major search engine and seeing your website coming out on the first page amongst all the big names?

It is a proven fact that people never look past the 5th page of search engine results, though they most likely find what they are looking for on the very first page.

Good web design and SEO are the most important parts of creating a successful online business. You will find that your business is far more successful if you turn to our professionals for help.

Website Design
Search Engine Optimization Package

We know you have a lot of Questions Check out these Frequent questions And Answers that i know you are asking yourself, Like…

Why have a Website?

Your website is your number one marketing asset. Customers have realized that they can get what they want online without having to move around. As you are looking for customers, they are also looking for you.

A good website doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive, it only needs to be well done and easily found by any search engines.

Why a website when I have a Facebook page?

 A website acts as a platform for your messaging and shapes the online perception of your business in a way that social media cannot.

What should I include on a website?

You need to answer important questions about your business, products, services, and contact information. This will free you up on time spent answering the same questions to different clients. You can also add a Frequently asked questions page which is a reference point for commonly asked questions about your business products and services.

What you need?

  • (1) Web hosting– space on the internet for your website. Think of it as the house/building that encompasses your business.
  • (2) Domain, name- your business name address that can be found online.
  • (3) Design, which will be done by a Bien company

So, What Next?  Why don’t you take a step, and let us help you grow, because truly, whether you are starting or redefining, we will WALK WITH YOU?

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