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Betty Kyallo Biography, Relationships, Age, Career, Education

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo full name is Betty Mutei Kyallo. She was born and brought up in the Ongata Rongai estate in Kajiado County and Kahawa West Estate in Nairobi. Betty Kyalo has four siblings made of one brother and three sisters.

Betty Kyallo was raised by a single mother because her parents divorced when she was still young. She schooled at Olerai and Uhuru gardens a primary  School. She was at Kangundo Girls University and did her undergraduate at Daystar University where she studied communication.

Betty Kyallo Education

In 2005, Betty Kyallo while in Form 3, was involved in a grisly accident. “ While plying the town to the Rongai route from Railway Station in Nairobi, on my way to meet up with a friend for lunch, I was hit by a Manyanga and dragged under. I was a mess,” she says.

“ I tumbled on the left side of my body and injured half myself badly. I grazed my left elbow and jaw; I fractured my collar bone and four ribs deflated my lungs and half of my face was grazed,” she recalls.

Good Samaritans rushed her to the hospital. “ I could not walk, go to the toilet on my personal, and even do simple stuff. The husk on my face was ruminated so badly I had no skin on the left side of my face. My jaw was broken and when I attempted to speak it would move. I was hospitalized for two months,” she says

Betty Kyallo Injury

Her family forced her not to see her reflection, for fear of how she would sink into depression,“ For a while, my relatives and mother would not let me see my reflection because they knew how I would react badly. But during the hospitalization period, one day while being admitted for an X-ray and I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I sunk into depression as my relatives had feared.

I felt like my life was over because I knew my dream of being a news anchor, were over,” she says. After many surgeries, Betty Kyallo was discharged in October that year.

“ The immediate challenge was to learn how to walk again, but deep in my mind, my great fear was how I was going to live with my badly bruised face.

My doctors had explained to my mum that to correct my disfigured face, they could resort to grafting (surgically removing a chunk of meat from my thigh and adding it to the left side of my face). My mother would hear nothing of it.

She was apprehensive of me going under the scalpel because I had already had been through eight surgeries in two months. “ Back then I would walk in the village and everyone would stare at me because of my weird-looking face. This traumatized me and I had to go for counseling to help me deal with it,” she says.

Betty Kyallo And Joho

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari Have a lovely daughter called Ivanna. Betty Dennis went their separate ways barely six months after a very publicized wedding.

Dennis Okari, accused Betty Kyallo of cheating with political heavyweight Hassan Joho and the publicity-seeking Prezzo.

It is alleged that Dennis Okari, caught Betty Kyallo texting Prezzo t after her explosive interview with him. Prezzo was drunk during the interview and publicly groped Betty, in a live interview.

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Reports indicate that beyond the texting, Betty Kyallo had visited Prezzo’s apartment located along Statehouse road, and indulged the suspiciously thin-looking singer in pleasures of that cannot be elaborated on this sober platform.

Betty Kyallo Dating Mombasa Governor Joho

Betty Kyallo has according to tabloids admitted to dating the flamboyant Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. She stated that she went through so much after her breakup with Dennis Okari, though it was rumored that she was in another relationship with another man when she split with Dennis.

“ After some time of reflection, I came to the conclusion that this was not what I wanted for my life. There were a clash spiritual and taste. I also had a vision of being an empowered woman. I wanted to be the woman my daughter would be proud of.

Betty Kyallo hit back and stated that if anything, the infidelity was on Dennis’s side. “ It wasn’t until mid-2016 that I became I started talking to Hassan. Through the turmoil of separation, we connected at some good level. It gave me a lot of pleasure to be understood during the trying time. He was easy to engage with, be around, and have fun with. ”

I needed a fresh start because I was youthful and energetic. The flamboyant Governor on his part wanted someone who was chilled; there was discussion of me stopping my career and a stay at home mum.

On this, we could not compromise and it became an unpleasant realization, that I may hurt again. We had a discussion and parted way amicably once again, but I had to walk in December of 2016. ”

Joho is alleged to have showered Betty Kyallo with expensive gifts. One of the toys he is said to have gifted her was a BMW X5 truck. It is claimed that he repossessed a Nyayo Stadium after the relationship went south, a fact Betty has consistently denied.

On cars, Betty Kyallo has this to say. “I absolutely love cars. I am one of those women who need no encouragement to watch Formula One and Motorsport. My lover for cars broke while on campus.

I had a posse of friends who dreamt and breathed cars and it rubbed off on me. That reason I pitched the Auto World idea, a segment that aired on Sunday night on KTN to my bosses and they loved it.

In the Auto world, we discussed everything cars from car servicing, fuel tips, to car safety tips. Fans loved the show and nicknamed me Betty ule was Magari,” she says

Betty Kyallo Salary and Allowance

Betty Kyallo was a high earner. She made Ksh 500,000-600,000 without allowances She has yet to declare her wealth but defines herself as a business.

Betty Kyallo’s sisters are also famous. She has been generous enough to share some of the limelight with them. Mercy, one of the sisters recently defended her when Ken Mijungu another celebrity anchor attacked her.

Betty Kyallo Husband,
Betty Kyallo Daughter,
Betty Kyallo Tribe,
Betty Kyallo Child,
Betty Kyalo And Joho,
Betty Kyalo Salary,
Betty Kyalo House,
Betty Kyallo Lately,
Betty Kyallo and her Sister

Mijungu had accused Betty of being a publicity hog and an absentee mum. Mercy did not take this lightly and took to social media to defend her sister.

However, it has not been all rosy between the sisters. Mercy missed the launch of Betty Kyallo’s salon Flair with Betty and there has been talking of a Rift. Both, have in separate interviews admitted that there is some sibling rivalry that needs some sorting out.

Betty Kyallo Birthday

Betty Kyallo is 31 years old. She celebrates her birthdays in style. On her 28th birthday, she flew to Zanzibar with her best friends to celebrate the special occasion. Some of her friends left beautiful messages dedicated to the birthday girl.

It is not known if Dennis Okari sends her special messages. He chose to keep his life private since they split up

.After the pair’s glitzy wedding, they began their honeymoon with a weekend stay in Diani. They followed this up with a 15-day tour around the world. The trip was sponsored by Africa Tours Safari.

Betty Kyallo Marriage

For the wedding, Betty Kyalo got herself a classic long mask bridal gown that was slightly over four meters long. It is too long and thick for usual daily activities and she has only worn it for the nuptials.

The exorbitant gown was accessorized with Swarovski crystals employed at the sole of her gown and veil. It mesmerized and glittered as she walked down the aisle.

Betty Kyallo makeup was done by Cate Macharia. She was recommended by her fellow TV celeb Janet Mbugua. Cate did Janet’s wedding makeup.

Betty Kyallo wanted a simple lovely look for her nuptials. The invite list for the big day was set at 250. However, the couple ended up catering for over seven hundred guests due to the intrigues surrounding the wedding. It was one of the grandest seen in Kenya and people still talk about it.

Avensis Ventures took care of the creativity for the wedding. Betty kyalo and Dennis Okari admitted that they were amazed at the outcome and were very grateful

Darling Kenya two days prior to her wedding, custom-run Betty Kyalo’s and her bridesmaid’s hair. The hair type was unique and Darling Kenya christened it, Betty Hair.

The groomsmen were handsome in Turkish ready-made suits. Dennis to brighten up the day, made the men wear brightly colored socks that he bought for them

Dennis Okari danced to grasping Good, by Michael Buble. This banished the rumor that he cannot dance, because of the nature of his investigative TV job.

He also regaled his guests with Stuck Like Glue, by Sugarland. A romantic song Pachelbel’s Canon in D’, serenaded the crowd as he walked Betty down the aisle.

Dennis and Betty Kyallo wed on a Friday, a neutral day for both sides of the family. Dennis comes from an SDA family and they do not have weddings on Saturdays.

Betty on the other hand is Catholic and does not have weddings on Sundays. Friday also kept out children to keep with the theme of the wedding; English elegance. These are all facts about the Television siren that you need to know.

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