“I Am no One’s Role Model” – Drunk Betty Kyalo Rants on Insta Live Video.

Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyallo makes a very powerful personal announcement

Betty Kyallo won’t let anyone get away with saying anything slick about her – and rightfully so.

TV personality Betty Kyalo has opened up about her life struggles and the hardship she continuously faces from her role as a celebrity.

Betty, who has previously won the Social Media Awards (SOMA) for the Media Personality of the Year thrilled fans on social media when she ditched her notoriously private life to make a powerful announcement on Instagram live with her producer, Serah Mwangi and it turns out that she has been keeping her struggle with being looked up to as a role model in the public eye.

"I Am no One's Role Model" - Drunk Betty Kyalo Rants on Insta Live Video. 1

In a viral video, Betty ranted to her critics saying:

“Many times people want to bring you down,whoever watching this right now, i came from work, did my show. F*** everybody out there who thinks that betty is not good enough,” she said.

The K24 presenter made sure to end her statement with grace and a little sting.

“I don’t care because I do my best and work so hard, I am a mum, not yet a wife but hopefully soon. I’m also a businesswoman so for anybody who’s going to hate on this video and say Betty Kyallo spotted drunk f** you!”

Here is the video link

Below are some of her fans reactions;

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"I Am no One's Role Model" - Drunk Betty Kyalo Rants on Insta Live Video. 2

Bettys’ post has also prompted others to share their own pain:

There is nothing bad with letting out what’s killing you from inside like Betty Kyalo did wrote Tata wa harrier

"I Am no One's Role Model" - Drunk Betty Kyalo Rants on Insta Live Video. 3

For many Kenyans, and her fan especially, their opinion is that Betty’s in a rare position of influence, which is why it is so important that she has used her power to give a voice to what can be a silent killer.

Could betty be going through depression? Let get Your view on comment session.

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