Betty Kyallo; I am jobless, single, ready to mingle Now, My Somali boyfriend left.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has been all over the internet ever since she departed K24 TV. The bubbly, divorced, big thighs, half Luyha half Kamba mother of one launched her YouTube channel a few days ago seems to be doing well in real life.

Her Youtube channel is growing fast, she set to reBrand her salon business that is set to unveiled soon in a new location. And of course, she acquired a 7million big machine on the road.

This past week, Betty opened up on the whereabouts of her ‘Somali Guy’ boyfriend after months of him missing in action. In an interview live on Youtube- BongaNaJalango by a popular comedian called Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango, she explained things did not work out with her Somali boyfriend and therefore they broke up respectively.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo // Courtesy Instagram

“Talking about enjoying, who is enjoying the sweetness… Who is your boyfriend you are too beautiful to be single,” asked Jalango?

Betty Kyallo said, “It didn’t work out. The thing is, things don’t work out sometimes with people and its okay, it’s fine. I don’t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and you should last forever.

Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and its okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri.”

Ms. Betty Kyallo explained that she was staying single and is loving it, and that is taking a year break from relationships, although she feels ready to settle down already.

“No one is enjoying it. I’m so single right now and I love it. I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zinainterchange. So, right now I’ve actually decided you know what B, kwanza jipende.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo // Courtesy Instagram

So I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something. Because I think I’m ready to settle down,” she said.

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She also hinted that she will be back on TV soon but meanwhile she is keen on growing her brand.

Betty also revealed that she is now in a good co-parenting relationship with her ex- NTV news anchor Denis Okari and they are doing their best give daughter Ivanna the best that the world can offer.

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