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Maturity: Betty Bayo Great Fathers Day Message To ‘Pastor Kanyari’ Despite Divorce.

Happy fathers Day to the father of my kids may not be a good husband but you’re a good dad.. thanks for accepting my decision to move on it’s has been 4yrs ..unlike many men you have never stalked me.

Or made my life miserable just because we parted ways .your have made co-parenting soo easy and fun. Your the least of my worries, every time you watch a couple killing each other on tv coz of separation you do call and condemn the action. .one thing I promised you il never teach my kid to disrespect you.

You may not be the perfect dad mine was the badest …I make sure they pray for you every day God to keep you safe .they better have 310 guys as a father. Then none.. the greatest gift I can offer on this fathers day is to sing for free on your wedding day

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