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Before You Join GNLD/Aim Global/GIF Read this Please, Based On True Story.

Before You Join GNLD/Aim Global/GIF Read this Please, Based On True Story.
GIF Presentation By Evan Mutea at Moi University during one of their Weekly meetings.

I have seen the GNLD/Aim Global/GIF ridicule by Facebookers and Whatapp Users in all groups and I am down with laughter.

I vividly remember when I was invited to a business meeting at the ICEA building and how I was mesmerized.

The levels of wealth that those members who already were Managers and Directors had amassed.


The stories I heard in that meeting left me wondering why I had not discovered this GNLD early enough. For a moment I thought that I had finally discovered a shortcut to getting rich.

Everyone talked about their state-of-the-art homes. In the leafy suburbs of Nairobi and their top-of-the-range cars.

Without much ado, I rushed home after the meeting and hurriedly organized for kes 3,400. My meager earnings which left me with a very huge dent in the pocket.

After all, this is what will open my flood gates so who cares about this temporary poverty? Immediately after I made that life-changing decision, I enrolled in evening training so that I could sharpen my selling skills.

Also, I Started Lying…

Lying about my achievement was the first subject I was taught. And this is where I got to know that I was already in a trap. I was also briefed about the products and the annual renewal of my membership.

This put me in a total fix. I thought that life after membership was supposed to be smooth as was indicated in my first meeting.

This was a total misrepresentation of facts. Nonetheless, I took the whole challenge with a pinch of salt and hit the ground running.

My first victim was my cousin whom I sold the magical soap that washed carpets. ( I cannot recall its name). I sold him three times the price with the aim of filling my cash dent.

Millionaire Mentors Decoy

Thank you for your unwavering support during my crave for richness in this concrete farm. My Manager also advised me to woo some of my friends to join the GNLD bandwagon.

That I could be able to progress to the next level. Being the good student that I was. I rushed and convinced my friend John Kamau to join me for a meeting at The Bomas of Kenya.

Before You Join GNLD/Aim Global/GIF Read this Please, Based On True Story.

He accepted the invitation and when the day came, we attended the meeting. It was graced by the City’s GNLD millionaires who gave very sweet stories of how they made their millions.

I could see my friend getting convinced and I knew that he was to be my first catch. Furthermore, I would be happy to produce a millionaire in this town. Especially if it was one of my great friends.

Caught Red-handed

When the time to go home came, rushed to pick a matatu at the stage as it was almost raining. The buses were charging 20 bobs while the 14 seaters were charging 50 bobs. There was a big commotion at the bus door people scampering for the seats.

To my surprise, I saw one of the GNLD directors. He looking for one of his shoes. The shoe had been removed by other passengers who were also fighting to board the bus and save the 30 bob difference. This was my turning point.

I knew very well that these were false millionaires. Whose their motto was ” fake it until you make it”.

I went home with a very worried man and decided to forget everything about that scam. I also apologized to John for wasting his time.

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