Beatrice Elachi Resigns as Speaker of Nairobi County Assembly.

Beatrice Elachi

The Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi — who has been in the thick of a protracted tussle with ward representatives — has resigned from her position.

Beatrice Elachi told a televised press briefing on Tuesday morning that she had tendered her resignation to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Standard Digital has not ascertained if she has addressed her resignation letter to the County Clerk and Governor as required by law.  

Beatrice Elachi cited “lots of conflicts” and “life-threatening incidents” in recent days for her decision to leave the office. Her deputy, Ruai MCA John Kamangu, will take over the speaker roles in acting capacity pending the search for a new officeholder.

“It gives me great pleasure to have served as the speaker of Nairobi County Assembly from September 2017 when we finished the election to date,” she read from her letter to the President.

Beatrice Elachi went on, “We have seen tremendous change but also challenges. With the coming in of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, I believe Nairobi will transform into a better capital city.

Beatrice Elachi

Notwithstanding, for the last few days, we have seen lots of conflict and even life-threatening incidents.”Beatrice Elachii, who thanked the President and ODM chief Raila Odinga for “standing with her through the journey” said she left with her head high and without force, adding that she had done her best.

When asked what was next for her, Beatrice Elachi said she was now free and could do anything.”I will do the politics. I am going back to my Dagoretti North Constituency,” she said.

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She had a word for Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who she asked to focus on God and stop “threatening people’s lives, children’s and families.”Embattled Beatrice Elachi At the center of Elachi’s woes is the tale of two clerks and the creation of two new deputy clerk positions.

Beatrice Elachi has been opposed to Jacob Ngwele serving as the County Clerk – a battle that dates back to 2018 when the speaker held Ngwele’s appointment was irregular and that it did not conform to the legal framework as outlined in the County Assembly Services Act.

Ngwele was kicked out in November last year only for him to be reinstated mid this year. His reinstatement was later suspended by a court.

Late last month, Beatrice Elachi suspended plenary sittings to September after her office was notified of an impeachment motion against her and after the courts issued an order halting the appointment of Edward Gichana as the new assembly clerk.

Gichana – whose appointment was gazetted by Elachi – had been sworn in as the new clerk to replace Ngwele. Beatrice Elachi and her deputy Kamangu were accused of abuse of office, illegal appointment of a new assembly clerk, corruption, poor leadership, victimization of MCAs and assembly staff, impunity, disregard of the law and county orders, and militarisation of the assembly.

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