This Could Be the Reason Behind BBI Unpopularity in Mt Kenya Region?

BBI Unpopularity

BBI Unpopularity in Mt Kenya region ; Literally, there are two years in Kenya’s political sphere; a dull and active year, and 2021 promises to be the latter. Senate majority whip Irungu Kang’ata’s recent remarks are currently the bone of contention in the country’s political corridors.

The soft-spoken legislator divulged that BBI was unpopular in the Mt Kenya region courtesy of ineffective methods used to popularize the report. Building Bridges Initiative is an afterbirth of UhuRaila handshake and it seeks to solve the country’s longtime social, economic, and political maladies.

Hitherto, a number of theories have sprouted assenting and dissenting Irungu’s unexpected revelations. Whereas some incline to the belief that Kang’ata is a mouthpiece used to amplify someone’s voice and thoughts, Murang’a senator could be right, after all, Mt Kenya residents don’t want BBI and what it stands for. And why is that?

UhuRaila’s handshake sure saved the country from a deadly turn it was taking and whereas Uhuru found an accomplice in his long-time nemesis, its probable that that was Jomo and Jaramogi’s son’s affair but not a mountain affair.

Tribal jingoism has for decades polarized the country’s politics and among the Kenyan communities which are politically immiscible are the Kikuyu and Luo whose enmity stems back to the post-independence era.

BBI Unpopularity in Mt Kenya Region
BBI Unpopularity In Mountain

Between 2013 and 2017, Uhuru called Raila all sorts of names and this made his fandoms treat Agwambo with disdain. The duo may be on good terms but Muigai’s followers are yet to come to terms with his relationship with the community’s greatest enemy. To show their discontentment, they have ‘refused’ to board the BBI train.

Whoever cares of Kenya’s political intrigues knows the role William Ruto played to propel the son of Kenyatta’s top echelons of power in 2013 and 2017. UhuRuto traversed the country together and many are the times Kenyatta II called his people to throw their gauntlets behind Ruto in 2022.

Uhuru’s decision to shortchange a man who worked hard to install him as Kenya’s fourth president in place of Baba is not so great a deed. Ruto has a cold stance towards BBI and Mt Kenya residents’ decision to oppose the report is a sign that they are probably behind William the man who stood with them when none did.

Another possible reason why Uhuru’s turf has turned a cold shoulder towards BBI is Uhuru’s unpopularity on his home turf. It alleged that the son of Gathundu has since re-election left his people under the mercies of gods.

Like other  Kenyans, Mt Kenya residents have been hit with hard economic times, Jubilee’s misrulings and though Kenyatta II is their son, sometimes it pays to disown he who disowned you, and this they have sure done by opposing what Uhuru proposes.

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